Shein Employees Send Scary Help Messages on Clothes Labels

Shein Employees Send Scary Help Messages on Clothes Labels
Shein Employees Send Scary Help Messages on Clothes Labels

Shein clothing brandestablished in Chinais in the midst of a scandal, since apart from the fact that she has been accused by various NGOs of having a negative environmental impact and precarious working conditions in countries such as Bangladesh, India, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia and Sri Lanka.

As well as the terrible working conditions added to the salary, which represent a clear example of exploitation and an attack on human rights, in which child labor exploitation and forced labor are also found, he denounced GreenPeace.

The brand, likewise, was denounced for the messages that have appeared on clothing labels and that have been shared by users of tik tokwho have made public the case of labor abuse suffered by employees in Shein.

“Help me please”, “Help”, “I have a toothache”, “Emergency, help”are just some of the messages that appear on the labels of the garments, and that are most likely written by the company’s employees.

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Given this, users recalled that this is one of the many consequences of making purchases from brands dedicated to fast fashionwhich is a phenomenon that generates pollution in the world and that exploits hundreds of people daily.

Shein is the number one company in generating more pollution, since the organization Publiceye, In 2021, a report was made in which they exhibited what the working conditions of the employees were.

So the report has revealed that its workers had a working day of more than 75 hours a week and only had one day off a month.

labor law in China specifies that a working week must comprise a maximum of 40 hours.

Users mentioned that the best way to break the cycle of fast fashion is to buy second-hand clothes, which also tend to have quite affordable prices.

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