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The 5 coldest inhabited places in the world

The 5 coldest inhabited places in the world
The 5 coldest inhabited places in the world

The coldest place on the planet is the East Antarctic Plateau with temperatures reaching up to -92 degrees Celsius, so it is a totally uninhabitable site; however, there is at least five locations of the world that present temperatures extremely icy which are inhabited by human civilization.

What is the first place of the coldest inhabited places in the world?

According to the magazine National Geographic, Oymyakon is a town of Siberia which generally dawns at -50°C during practically every winter day and whose temperatures are so extreme that it only has 920 inhabitants, since its frigid conditions Tears can freeze.

The local Tourist Office specifies that any object that is not properly covered will be in danger of being completely covered by iceincluding animals and people who may freeze to death.

  • According to the records of El Canal del clima, the worst winter was lived in 1924, with a record of -72ºC. In summer, however, temperatures can rise to 34ºC.

According to testimonies from the inhabitants of OymyakonIf neglected, even toilet paper could be a hazard for them, as it also tends to freeze. Among this and many more measures, citizens must adapt their lifestyle to low temperatures. This is the first place of the coldest places in the world.

The rest of the “Top 5” of the coldest inhabited places in the world

The Spanish travel magazine, “” specifies which are the 5 coldest places in the worldalthough there are other portals that not only highlight the case of Oymyakonbut there are other places of Siberia that have extremely low temperatures, such as:

  • Verkhoyansk, Siberia: lowest temperature of -69.8° C
  • Yakutsk, Siberia: lowest temperature of -64.4° C

Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan

The European publication ensures that the second coldest inhabited place in the world is nur-sultanof Kazakhstanto the capital of the country that is 347 meters above sea level, located in a semi-desert steppe that causes extreme weather almost all year round.

In this sense, this place has reached the -51.6°C, making it the coldest capital in the world, but the million inhabitants who live in this region do not have as many complications to live as those who live in Oymyakonbeing that in summer they can reach 40 degrees Celsius.

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Ulaanbaataralso capital of Mongoliais the coldest central city in the world, only behind nur-sultanand according to its temperature records, it is the coldest place with the most inhabitants globally with one million 300 thousand inhabitants.

With an area of ​​4,700 square kilometers and an altitude of 1,310 square kilometers, conditions that give it icy winds with a sub-arctic climatology. In winter, which is usually shorter than in the rest of the places on this list, they can reach up to -40°Calthough his record is -49°C.

Barrow, AK

Barrowregion located in Alaskais the only one of the coldest places in the world in the United States that, with more than 4,000 inhabitants, is the northernmost settlement in the American continent, that is, the site that is located furthest north of the icy region.

The frigid winter temperatures they are so extreme that the city remains isolated due to the fact that the water in the Arctic freezes and does not allow the arrival of boats. For more than 245 days a year its thermometers are below 0 and the record was reached when he recorded -49º temperaturealthough in 1971 it reached -62°Can extraordinary record.

Yellowknife, Canada

Because Canada It has certain settlements attached to Alaska, this country has some of the coldest places in the world at the level of the Siberian regions. The first place of the Canadian icy places is occupied by the city of yellowknifewhich has reached temperatures of up to -51.2°C.

yellowknife It has more than 20 thousand inhabitants and in winter, whose weather conditions last almost 245 days a yearhis thermometers are below 0 and the record was reached when he registered -49º temperature.

It should be noted that another prominent place for being one of the coldest on the planet is Roros, Norwaywhich registered its lowest temperature when the thermometer marked -50.4°C Despite their extreme conditions, all of these sites are far behind the East Antarctic Plateau.

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