In Brazil, women jump happily and fall into a sinkhole; viral video

The women jumped to the rhythm of the music. Photo: GettyImages/Illustrative

A group of women crashed into a sinkhole, which opened just as they were dancing at a meeting in Brazil; In social networks, videos circulate of the moment in which five girls fell together, as they were hugging, jumping and making a circle in the patio of a property. Next, we show youThe video of the accident and how they were rescued.

The video was shared, initially, in an account of TikTok; however, it viralized quickly on other social networks, such as Twitter. According to the first reports, the accident would have occurred in a favela, of Brazil, during a meeting family.

The girls jumped to the rhythm of the music on a not very firm floor, so the weight of all of them softened the surface, which apparently covered a cistern or register, because drain pipes are observed.

Immediately, some of the people who were at the celebration approached to rescue the girls, although some looked worried, other young they burst out laughing.

At the moment, the health status of the girls is unknown; local media reported that she was only left in a scare and that there are no victims who to regret.

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