More than 1,500 monuments in Ukraine with conflict damage, US estimates

More than 1,500 monuments, museums, libraries and other examples of the historical heritage and ukrainian culture could have been damaged during the Russian invasion of Ukraineannounced this Thursday the Conflict Observatoryan entity financed by the Department of State of USA.

In a report published this Thursday, the organization, with which researchers from the Yale University and of the Smithsonian Institution Cultural Rescue Initiativeidentified 1,501 examples of heritage with a high probability of having been damaged between February 24 and August 31, 2022.

Of these, 658 are monuments; 488 are religious places; 115 are museums; 99 are libraries or archives; 97 are buildings of heritage relevance; 11 are archaeological excavations; 9 are cultural centers; and 24 are undetermined locations.


The report speaks of “potential damage”since its identification methodology is based on analyzing entries in social networks or images obtained by satellite, not on direct observation on the ground.

The organization recalled that the cultural heritage it is protected by international laws that apply to both Russia and Ukraine.

Since the invasion ordered by the Russian president began, Vladimir Putinvarious international groups and organizations -such as the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (Unesco)- have sounded the alarm about the damage to heritage that the war is causing.

Last month, Ukraine’s Ministry of Culture and Information announced that it will ask UNESCO to include the city of Odessa on its World Heritage List.

The entity of United Nationsfor its part, promised to deploy new measures to protect heritage in the country.

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