the actor who left everything, including fame, to become a spiritual leader

José Ángel Llamas was a producer, filmmaker, cameraman and actor, the latter profession which he practiced for 15 years (Photo: Ángel Delgado/ via Getty Images).

Nothing personal is one of the most important telenovelas on Mexican television, one of TV Azteca’s star products that not only broke into national programming, it made artists like Ana Colchero, Demián Bichir, Rogelio Guerra, once from Televisa, dare to lead the competition in telenovelas.

But Nothing personal it also became the perfect showcase for new talent, an apparently inexperienced —he worked behind the scenes for more than a decade— but very attractive Jose Angel Flames and his character ‘Luis Mario’ became the reason that thousands tuned in to the Ajusco television station.

And although he owes TV Azteca the projection, José Ángel Llamas achieved internationalization in 2002 when he signed a contract with the Telemundo network to present the reality show Soap opera protagonists, and later become the owner of other melodramas for that television station. With both companies he managed to add to his meteoric career the love of my life, shameless love, the law of silence, Live for you, bought woman.

Except for the stormy relationship he had with Gabriela Spanic at the beginning of the new century and then his marriage to the actress Mara Croatto, Llamas was oblivious to the scandal, but not even that apparent tranquility was enough to make him happy..

Jose Angel Llamas and guest during 2006 Billboard Latin Music Conference & Awards - Arrivals at Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood, Florida, United States. (Photo by John Parra/FilmMagic for Morgan Renee Entertainment)

José Ángel Llamas and his wife Mara Croatto at the 2006 Billboard Latin Music Awards (Photo: John Parra/FilmMagic for Morgan Renee Entertainment).

“Fame began to alter my humility, my simplicity and it began to give me a certain power and control that I believed that I had everything in the palm of my hand and that if I said ‘I want that’ I could achieve it. That was the dream of being able to to have a wife, a family, a big house, a nice car and when I had all that I realized that I was not happy. I was hating what I had to love and I was loving what I had to hate”, he told some evangelical channels.

And it is that before disappearing from the forums and prior to the recordings fugitives of fatehis last telenovela, Llamas had a revelation. “There was a friend who was working on the same novel and he was on the lighting crew and he was wearing a T-shirt that said ‘only one man can make a difference,’ but on the back it said ‘Jesus.’ I don’t know what happened but he called I paid a lot of attention and I went up to him and said ‘what’s with this Jesus?’, the next day he came with a Bible and he was talking to me about Jesus Christ. I called Mara and told her ‘Mara, will you accompany me to church? ?'”. The experience allowed her to understand that she did not really feel fullness or peace.

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His renewed faith made him enter and take his family to Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale, a church located in South Florida made up of Hispanics, where he finally felt identified and discovered his true desire, to become a spiritual leader.

For just over a decade, José Ángel Llamas has served in Fort Lauderdale in different ministerial positions and “God confirmed his call to shepherd and teach the Spanish-speaking community during the pandemic, to which he has dedicated himself in recent years” , according to his fellow believers.


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