This is how you enter the app that transforms you into an anime character with AI

I know, I know, we got kawaii… but it wasn’t just us. Surely while browsing the internet you also came across a lot of people who started converting their photos —or the one of your favorite memes— in anime characters, with futuristic landscapes and bright colors. They are quite cool, that’s not even what.

At first glance it seems like a curious “fashion” on the internet, but what is impressive is it is not just any app.

It’s actually a platform Artificial Intelligence (AI) —pretty basic, don’t think you’re going to take over the world either— that manages to turn some of your photos into anime works of art, animated in the classic style.

It’s called Different Dimension Me.

A fight like this AI app that turned your photos into anime is that, because of the language, it was super difficult to find… of course, unless someone shared the link with you. So that’s why we showed up.

The app is called Different Dimension Me.

Although the anime is a traditionally Japanese style, it turns out that this app is of Chinese origin. The app is located on the servers of Tencent —one of the largest technology and video game companies in China— and also, use the social network platform QQinstant messaging.

So because it’s literally in Chinese and it didn’t have an app that you can download, this trend of AI in anime it had been kept more or less hidden. The joke is that to enter Different Dimension Me you have to enter THIS LINK.

How to use this AI app to become an anime?

Now yes, let’s go to the important thing. Once you go to the page of Tencent QQ you will have to accept the terms and conditions —which are in Chinese, then hit him where the words are in bright colors and may the gods of digital privacy be with you. That will open the application that, the net, has no loss.

All you need is to upload a photo and in a few seconds this AI will have turned you into an anime character.

If you don’t have an account at Tencent you will not be able to download the video of the realization, but A small tip is to record your screen while they present it to you. I mean, in case you don’t want to go around distributing even more of your personal data on the internet.

Photo: Tencent QQ

Although it is not known for sure —its creators have not published the information— it is believed that Different Dimension Me uses stable diffusiona AI famous throughout the world thanks to her ability to create photos or images of great quality or imagination with small language commands.

What stable diffusion is open source you may Different Dimension Me use it to generate your photos in anime

And voila, with that you will have your personalized AI image. One last detail? Obviously, these types of applications still have some problems, especially to correctly represent the brown complexion of some people who upload their images —so these apps have been flagged for racism, but that’s a much deeper discussion.

The article is in Spanish

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