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ok TV It is one of the most remembered music channels by those listeners at the beginning of the new millennium and was considered, at the time, by popular opinion, as the Peruvian MTV.

Despite having the full attention of the public that preferred this type of format and becoming direct competition for Uranium TV, from one moment to another the signal of the television network ceased to operate. Find out, in the following note, why OK TV disappeared.

Why did OK TV disappear, considered the Peruvian MTV?

ok TV was a television station under the direction of Ricardo Belmont Cassinelli’s son, Ricardo Belmont Vallarino. It began its operations on January 6, 2003. The company through which the format was launched was RadioCorp. This project included the dissemination of musical content.

During this stage, Channel 11 (now RBC) began broadcasting with new equipment and a more powerful stereophonic sound. It should be noted that the administration of RadioCorp resulted from the delivery of stations 91.9 FM —then RBC La Estación— and 104.7 FM —Excélsior FM in those years— from Ricardo Belmont to his son Ricardo Belmont Vallarino.

Little by little, OK TV was developed, until 2004, in which the most fluid participation with the public begins. This was mainly through animators like Juliet Alegría. As well as the interaction of the audience that sent text messages to the show.

The musical show was enhanced by national bands such as Libido. Amen, Mar de Copas, Gian Marco, Zen, etc. were also included. The artists participated in acoustics or in events promoted by OK TV, such as rock specials.

However, despite the fact that the channel was loved by the public in Lima, it lacked advertisers; that is to say, from entities that bet financially on OK TV. This event ultimately precipitated his downfall.

Finally, on December 22, 2006, it came to an end when RBC Television was relaunched and renamed Channel 11. This fact caused RadioCorp’s management to change, returning to managing only radio stations.

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