CrossFit class causes stampede because they thought they were “running from something”

Have you seen those hidden camera shows where people make people think they’re running away from something so they’ll run away? Well, something similar happened in Brazil, only it was not a television show, but a real stampede that occurred in a restaurant. and all for a CrossFit class, because the diners thought they were “fleeing from something”.

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CrossFit class causes stampede in Brazil

How do we know all this happened? Because in networks they began to share

placed in the restaurant in Brazil where all this happened, and where you can see the exact moment when the CrossFit class caused a stampede.

Photo: Screenshot.

Yes, according to the media outlet O Tempo from Brazil, all this happened in an establishment that is located in a neighborhood south of Reciferight where some tables and umbrellas were placed, on the side of the street where pedestrians always pass.

So what happened?

Last Wednesday, September 21, a group of people who practiced CrossFit passed through this place running, exercising and even walking a puppy. However, this caused the restaurant diners to think that they were running from something or someone..

Photo: Screenshot.

That’s right, by this simple action, the people who were in the establishment did not think twice and began to get up from their seats to get rid of the place, throwing chairs and other things and causing a stampede just because they had seen a group running a CrossFit class.

In fact, that could be confirmed later, according to the Brazilian media, and those who took this class they explained that since the tables were on the sidewalk, they decided to cross them instead of surrounding them.

Photo: Screenshot.

The reactions on social networks were various: while some laughed at what happened in this place in Brazil; Others assured that this happened due to the insecurity that exists in this country and the fear that it provokes in its population..

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