Survivor Mexico: Yusef hit Viridiana?

Survivor Mexico: Yusef hit Viridiana?
Survivor Mexico: Yusef hit Viridiana?

Youssef Farah was eliminated from Survivor Mexico in an unprecedented event in the history of survival reality, since it was prey to a master move orchestrated by The Others and the Hawks, but also for his companions Jaguars.

Eliminated from Survivor Mexico September 21, 2022, David García.

The ‘Lebanese Lion’ said goodbye to Survivor Mexico after not being able to fight for his permanence due to all the survivors voting for him in the Tribal Council, but that’s not all because Katherine used his medallion to nullify the vow of farah.

This fact only confirmed what had been cooking inside Survivor Mexico Due to the attitudes of Yusefwho had fallen from the grace of many of the survivors and especially viewers after the apparent gesture of love he had with Viridianawith whom he apparently had his loves.

farah proved to be a great strategist, but she also turned out to be somewhat of a cheat, just like that one did to Cynthia and that Warrior had to review, that’s how he ended up giving the victory and the immunity necklace to cyan.

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Did Yusef hit Viridiana?

Much has been said and speculated about Yusef had more than just a friendship with Viridiana; However, when he came out of the survival reality show, he revealed that he is happy and single, so it could all have been a strategy or in reality they were just friends.

Being interviewed on the show Gossip No Like by his former partner Javier Ceriani, Yusef confessed that his affection towards Viridiana It has always been on a friendly plane, making it clear that he never thought of having a relationship with the mountaineer.

“I to Viridiana I love her very much, we connect and live a great adventure in Survivor Mexico”, commented farah; nevertheless, Ceriani stressed that Viridiana seemed to think the complete opposite, to what the ‘Lebanese Lion’ He replied that it was not true. “We both knew that when we returned our lives would be different,” she concluded.

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