They reveal the reason why Juan Soler would leave “Sale el Sol”

They reveal the reason why Juan Soler would leave “Sale el Sol”
They reveal the reason why Juan Soler would leave “Sale el Sol”

Written in ENTERTAINMENT the 9/22/2022 2:18 p.m.

After the time cut of the “Sale el Sol” program, it seems that the drivers of the morning are looking for new job opportunities, just in case. According to Juan José Origel, one of them would be John Soler.

It turns out that the Argentine could return to acting with a project on Televisa.

According to the NoveleandoMx site, the telenovela tentatively titled “El amor invincible” would be projecting to have Juan Soler and Leticia Calderón among its protagonists.

For this reason, knowing the long recording sessions and the “jealous” nature of employment in the San Ángel company, it is speculated that Juan Soler would leave the morning show on Imagen Televisión.

What novels has Juan Soler made?

The above would satisfy many of his fans, who have not seen him again in melodramas since 2020 when he participated in “La mexicana y el güero”.

It is worth mentioning that these new airs would be good for the actor, who is in a full stage and full of passion.

Just a few weeks ago, the actor from soap operas such as “Acapulco, Cuerpo y Alma”, “Cañaveral de pasiones” and “La Otra” confessed that he had a new romantic opportunity with an old love.

It was so through a short video posted on his social networks he introduced his girlfriend María Jose Barbaglia.

“I spent two and a half years separated until I met María José again at a dinner. María José was my first girlfriend in my city in Argentina, in Tucumán, we were schoolmates, we sat on a bench, “said Juan Soler in an interview with Matilde Obregón for his YoutTube channel.

He also recalled that the relationship in his youth lasted only five years, since they began when they were 15 years old and ended at 20. However, after this reunion, 40 years later, he still hopes that the relationship will last forever.

“Our friends remember that we were a couple who never fought. We ended up and had a good relationship, we saw each other with great affection,” said Juan Soler, who was part of the novels called “Under the same skin” and “When I fall in love “:

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