Goodbye MasterChef Celebrity! Netflix hits TV Azteca with a reality show

Goodbye MasterChef Celebrity! Netflix hits TV Azteca with a reality show
Goodbye MasterChef Celebrity! Netflix hits TV Azteca with a reality show

For the first time in history, the popular reality show international cuisine called Iron Chef Mexico and this is thanks to Netflix and that without a doubt makes you cry aztec tv your cooking reality show Master Chef Celebrity and in general with all the products of Master Chef Mexico.

From previous seasons MasterChef It has not received the best reviews from the audience, feeling that it is a product that the television station has exploited a lot without giving each season a fresh or new touch beyond changing the cast.

The new series of Netflix Cooking is sure to be a hit because of all the famous names on the guest list and because this show is internationally recognized as one of the best cooking shows on world television.

Meet the new Netflix show

Netflix is expanding with original programs or exclusive adaptations of programs that already exist and that for one reason or another had not reached our country and that is the case of Iron Chef Mexico that for the first time this internationally famous program is adapted to Spanish and for the Latin American public.

Iron Chef Mexico It will have 8 episodes, in each one there will be challenging Chefs who will face the Iron Chefs who have a career in the world of impeccable gastronomy both nationally and internationally and are recognized.

Each challenging chef must prepare 5 dishes based on a special theme and add a secret ingredient to them and in each episode there will be a special guest, a celebrity among whom nothing more and nothing less than Belinda, Jay of the Cave, Pedro Alone, Michelle Rodriguez and will be led by Paty Cantu.

Yesterday it premiered on the platform of Netflix this new project Netflix and has received the best reviews from both the audience and the series experts and critics, giving a new and fresh touch to the reality shows kitchen that we knew as MasterChef Mexico.

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