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“There is room in the background” continues to surprise its fans with the fun episodes it broadcasts every day through the América Televisión signal. However, on more than one occasion, the actors have made it clear that they seek to give the series a new twist in this new version, in order not to repeat the same story of past seasons.

This was more than demonstrated with the last chapter of the production, in which the character of Giovanni Cicia shocked all Peruvian viewers by interpreting a shocking scene.

Find out how many rating points the well-known program reached thanks to the dramatic and iconic performance of the also director together with Franco Pennano.

How much rating did “In the background there is room”?

Though “There is room in the background” continues to position itself as one of the most watched series by the Peruvian audience, the episode on the night of Wednesday, September 21 made the public shake thanks to the impressive performances of Giovanni Ciccia and Franco Pennano.

According to the information shared by “The rating commands”, the format of América Televisión achieved a high percentage of views, with a 24.9. In this way, “Al fondo hay lugar” was placed first in the list of scores, being the program most watched by Peruvians.

What did Giovanni Ciccia say about the scene with Franco Pennano?

Giovanni Cicia was consulted for the intense fight he had with Frank Pennano for “In the background there is a place”, in which his character, Diego Montalván, slaps his son Cristóbal Montalván in the face. Given this, the national artist said that it was a long work process, but that they achieved it satisfactorily.

“Several days were recorded, They have been very hard weeks of recording, with a lot of anger, with a lot of anger, crying, fighting and yelling a lot. I’ve ended up a bit tense this week. (…) The upcoming chapters are very intense. (…) With Franco we were nervous because we knew that long scenes with a lot of text, very intense, were coming, ”he said.

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