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“There is room in the background” has once again surprised viewers with its latest chapter. In the 64th episode of the América TV series, which aired last Wednesday, September 21, Giovanni Ciccia (Diego Montalvan) and Franco Penanno (Cristóbal Montalván) starred in one of the most impressive scenes of season 9 and received applause from fans on social networks.

After the sketch went on the air, the followers of the national production began to praise the actors, but especially the protagonist of “Dyango”. What was it that was seen and what is the truth that was finally revealed in fiction? Here we tell you.

Why was chapter 64 of “In the background there is room” a trend?

Chapter 64 of “In the background there is room” became a trend due to the impressive performance of Giovanni Cicia With Franco Penanowho personifies his son in the series.

In the scene in which both artists participated, Diego Montalván argued with his eldest son and slapped him for having kept an important secret from him for more than two years.

Giovanni Ciccia is praised for his performance in “Al fondo hay lugar”. Photo: composition/capture from América TV

What truth was revealed in “AFHS”?

During a special event at Diego Montalván’s restaurant, it was revealed that Cristóbal Montalván, the businessman’s son, did not know how to cook and that the one who actually prepared the delicious dishes was his sister Alessia.

After this tense moment in “AFHS”, Diego faced his heir, who had no choice but to admit that he has no skills for gastronomy.

Giovanni Ciccia receives praise for scene with Franco Penanno

Through social networks, fans of “In the background there is a place” praised Giovanni Ciccia for his performance in the dramatic scene with Franco Penano.

“Giovanni Ciccia is a great actor”, “The best episode of the entire season. It’s good that they included Giovanni Ciccia again”, “The scene of Diego suffering when he sees his son’s farce is worthy of an Oscar… Giovanni Ciccia is a capo”, “Great acting class given by Giovanni Ciccia” users wrote.

Fans of “In the background there is room” praise Giovanni Ciccia. Photo: Twitter

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