Survivor Mexico: These were the votes that ELIMINATED David

Survivor Mexico: These were the votes that ELIMINATED David
Survivor Mexico: These were the votes that ELIMINATED David

Due to the passage of Hurricane Fiona over the Dominican Republic, the date of the Grand Final of Survivor Mexicoso one day before the outcome this Friday, September 23 at 7:30 p.m. we bring you how the votes at the last Tribal Council and which led to the elimination of David.

This Wednesday night the last Tribal Council of the third season of the most extreme and demanding survival reality show on the planet was held, in which those sentenced to the Extinction Duel were Kenta, Cuchao and David Garcia, the latter being eliminated.

With his departure, everything is ready for the rest of the survivors to face each other in what will be the Grand Final of Survivor Mexico, which due to the passage of Hurricane Fiona had to change its date from Saturday, September 24, to tomorrow Friday at the point of at 7:30 p.m., totally live on Azteca 1.

The initial plan was for eight participants to be eliminated this week and leaving only three finalists, although due to the meteor everything has changed, because after the elimination of Catalina Blanco the production decided to change the outcome of the program and help the population affected by the step of Hurricane Fiona.

In this way, with the remaining survivors and only one day after the prize of 2 million pesos is distributed, today we will finally see who will dispute the title of this third season, in which Cyntia revealed that she never thought she would go so far because David It was his support and Nahomi is emerging as the great favorite.

The votes that eliminated David from Survivor Mexico

In a Youtube video, ‘Analista TV’ revealed how the vote was in the last Tribal Council of Survivor Mexico and the reasons that each and every one of the participants had for casting their vote, with David Ortega voting against David Garcia, of whom he said that he had never been through an Extinction Duel and that he would like him to experience it.

Then Cyntia went on to vote, who also voted against David for a strategy that they were managing, while a little more relaxed Nahomi did it for Cuchao, because he wants him to continue his permanence in the adventure, no longer involving anything, simply strategy.

Julián cast his vote for Kenta, since he wants to continue being consistent between what he says and does in the voting, because something broke between them and he is no longer the same, in addition to not wanting to see the other competitors in extinction.

Kenta also did it against Cuchao, out of strategy and given the situation of the past extinction, in addition to becoming his predator, while David said he had no choice, because despite the fact that he could vote for Cyntia, Julián or Cuchao he preferred go for the latter, against whom it was convenient for him to go for his permanence.

But it was not like that, since in the end those sentenced were Kenta, Cuchao and himself, who was expelled from Survivor Mexico by losing the Extinction Duel and leaving, curiously, two participants from each team: Cuchao and Nahomi for Halcones, Cyntia and David for Jaguares and Julián and Kenta for The Others.


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