Rosario Tijeras returns to TV Azteca.

Rosario Tijeras returns to TV Azteca.
Rosario Tijeras returns to TV Azteca.

One of the series that has marked Mexican television is back. Rosary Scissors in its first season it can be seen through the signal of Aztec ONE.

Barbara de Regil to the altar! The actress was surprised to marry, again, her husband, Fernando Schoenwald.

Rosary Scissors is a series starring Barbara de Regil, Jose Maria de Tavira, Hernan Mendoza, Cristian Vazquezamong others, premiered on the screens of Aztec ONE in 2016 and last aired in 2019 after the end of its third season.

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Bárbara de Regil recalled the most difficult episode she has had to face.

Rosary Scissors tells the story of a young student who, by chance, becomes a hit man for the ‘Guero’ Arteaga along with his brother Brandon Y ‘The ironall since she was raped by some criminals in her neighborhood, and that ultimately triggered the murder of her best friend, so rosary beads decides to take revenge.

This launched to stardom Barbara of Regil and now you will return to the screens of Aztec ONE on a new schedule. This is a television series produced by Sony Pictures Television and Teleset for Aztec TV and is an adaptation of the Colombian series of the same name, based in turn on the homonymous book by the writer George Franco.

When and where to see the return of Rosario Tijeras?

Return to the screen Aztec ONE the woman who lives on the edge of love and danger, the story that captivated Mexico, Rosary Scissors. Don’t miss it this Saturday at 9:00 p.m. Stay tuned for our transmission and social networks and enjoy this incredible series.

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