Santa Fe Klan is arrested by police officers while recording a video | Mexico news

Santa Fe Klan is arrested by police officers while recording a video | Mexico news
Santa Fe Klan is arrested by police officers while recording a video | Mexico news

the rapper Santa Fe Klan in the last hour has caused tremendous concern among his followers, because through social networks he shared how Police stopped him on the street.

It was through Instagram where Ángel Quezada showed how he was arrested by elements of the Mexican police.

According to what was shown in the video, the rapper was promoting one of his concerts while walking down the street.

The famous announced that the next 12th of November will be featured at the Mexico City Arena. however, from one moment to another he was intercepted by a patrol from which policemen got out to find him.

“Trafficing rhymes, so that on November 12 the wacho fall in the Arena of Mexico City, so that they buy their tickets, the whole race …”, said the Santa Fe Klan.

Hearing the sound of the patrol and seeing that the elements immediately descended, the Santa Fe Klan started runninghowever, the singer was reached.

“All good boss; I only bring a rooster”, said Ángel Quezada. “We are recording a video”, someone who accompanied the famous person is heard saying. “Hey, everything’s fine, you can’t check me,” added Santa Fe.

Without further explanation, one of the elements asked the singer to open the backpack that he was carrying

“Open the backpack, open the backpack, open it bastard, open it, open it,” a policeman is heard saying. “Let him go, carnal, he was already …”, adds a man who accompanied the Mexican musician. “All good boss, I’m recording,” replied the Santa Fe Klan, who appeared to be on the ground. “Stop, bastard,” ordered the policeman. “I’m recording a video,” concluded the singer.

As expected, the famous generated great concern among his followers, because until now it is unknown what else happened after his interception.

Finally, the reactions against the police elements have not been long in coming, as they even assure that they did it on purpose.

“When their services are needed, those children of the Chinese don’t do anything and for a little rooster they cough, they don’t stain, they’ll see, the cops aren’t good for corn”; “Of course they know who he is, the nose is not afraid to walk alone because he knows that the neighborhood supports him, but I imagine that he must have had something of value that logically he must have thought that they were going to give him a lift, we already know how transas are the police ”, reads between the reactions.

The article is in Spanish

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