six outlets plus three USB-A with surge protection

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And one of the best ways to take care of these types of products is through a surge suppressor or a no-break. And right now in Amazon Mexico we can find the Huntkey brand surge protector power strip for 339 pesos, its historical minimum price.

Huntkey surge suppression multicontact

Being a product that comes from abroad and is sold by a third party within Amazon Mexico, the free and priority delivery will only be for those who have a subscription Activate Amazon Prime.

This Huntkey brand power strip is easy to use and install. We will only have to connect it to a double power outlet and it will be ready to expand our sockets to six sockets and three USB type A.

These inputs will have a potency of 125 AC voltages with 60 Hz power output and 1,875 W exit. While the USB ports provide a total of 17 W, 3.4 Amp powerful charging.

And we will have smart IC technology with chipset for the surge protection up to 900 Joules of energy classification. And its indicator light ensures that connected electronics are protected at all times.

surge suppressor

surge suppressor

Easy to install and use. Simply plug into an existing grounding plate to power your USB-charged appliances and devices, and expand an existing grounding plate into 3 AC outlets and 6 USB charging ports. Suitable for TV, PC, laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc. Specifications: Input: 125VAC, 60Hz Power output (peak): 1875 W USB output: 5 VDC 3.4 A Surge protection. Total Energy Rating: 900Joule Outlet Type Compatibility: Fits in standard and decor receptacle. Not recommended to GFCI and USB receptacles, the stabilizer post can be cut to be used on these receptacles.

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