PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium confirms two games leaving the service

PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium confirms two games leaving the service
PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium confirms two games leaving the service

Red Dead Redemption II is no longer part of the PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium catalog, while PGA Tour 2K21 will follow the same path shortly.

09/21/2022 14:10

The PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium Games of the Month September 2022 are now available for download. If you want to know how much the titles that interest you occupy, all the disk sizes of the main games that reach the catalog of the PlayStation console subscription service have already been revealed. However, once these 18 video games have been added to the Extra and Premium modalities, they will also It’s time to say goodbye to some of them and there are two titles that are no longer available in both modalities of PlayStation Plus.

The first of them is Red Dead Redemption II, which has disappeared from the service catalog by surprise and without prior notice. In this way, the Rockstar Games title, which is not going through its best moment after the GTA VI hack, can no longer be played through PlayStation Plus, so if you had a game in the middle, you will have to buy it on PlayStation Store so you can pick up where you left off. The other title in question is PGA Tour 2K21, although this is still available at the moment. The title page on Sony’s digital store notes that will leave the service on October 7so there are still a few days left to enjoy it.

In this second case it seems to make more sense, because PGA Tour 2K22 will arrive on October 14, so it will be a way to encourage players to get hold of the new installment. In this way, note the date when it will stop being available and keep in mind that Red Dead Redemption 2 has already left the service.

PlayStation Plus Essentials free games will be announced on September 28

Once the games for the month of September 2022 have already been announced and included in PlayStation Plus, now it’s time to wait for the games for the month of October. The good news is that you won’t have to wait long, as It will be next September 28 when the titles that will be part of PlayStation Plus Essentials are officially revealed.

It remains to be seen if the Japanese company’s strategy for this month goes through announce all titles on the same date or space them outsince so far both situations have occurred when making this revelation regarding the new PlayStation Plus.

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