How to convert audio to text on WhatsApp?

How to convert audio to text on WhatsApp?
How to convert audio to text on WhatsApp?

Forget about installing apps for being able to know what a voice message says WhatsApp, because from now on, the assistance of a bot will facilitate know the content of an audio note. Here we tell you how to do it.

It is a series of free to use bots, designed by the company TranscriberZ and called Alfred, Amnon and John, who are able to transcribe voice messages to text of up to 60 seconds quickly and without leaving WhatsApp.

According to its developers, the messages can be transcribed from English, Spanish, French, German and Hebrew, and in terms of privacy, they point out that all transcribed messages are not stored, sold or transferred to third parties.

How does the bot work to convert audio to text on WhatsApp?

To convert a voice message to text without leaving whatsappfollow this step by step:

  1. Add the number to your contacts the number +14156809230 or through the following link.
  2. Forward the audio message to the chat of the saved number
  3. Clever!

To the forward the voice message to the bot, it will send a message similar to: “Alfred is writing.” Later, it will send the transcript of the message.

It is important to consider that the use of these tools to convert audio messages to textare not part of WhatsAppand are developed by independent companies, so the terms and conditions of privacy and care of personal data, are at the discretion of the providers of these services.

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