Order your cosmetics successfully thanks to Marie Kondo

marie condo is cataloged as the queen of order and with the necessary power to achieve it anywhere, starting from reaching the organization using simple and practical techniques that also enjoy being intelligent and efficient. Always acting under the standard of attract joy and get the order, so the redesign of the bathroom and the correct cosmetics order and beauty products is a daily necessity that the tidying guru teaches you how to carry out.

The success obtained by this writer of Japanese origin and her great teachings have made it possible to generate various strategies that lead you directly to order and where she has developed programs of great impact such as “Sparking Joy” that is literally sweeping success worldwide, so activate your learning mode and let yourself be carried away by the most efficient tips of the creator of the famous method KonMari for you to achieve organize everybody your cosmetics.

Learn to order cosmetics like Marie Kondo

The author recommends starting from an approach where you can really visualize what you need, to get rid of everything else. In addition to maintaining a correct follow-up of certain guidelines that are detailed below and that will allow your cosmetics are orderedcontributing to generate a climate of organization and generator of well-being and happiness within the home.

1. Keep an order by families

Group cosmetics by categories or families it is very important so that all beauty products end up in order, remember to place shampoos with shampoos, creams with creams and so on. A technique that also allows you visualize of immediate and with a single glance with what you have and generate at the same time saving money by avoiding duplicate purchases and of time by knowing precisely the location of each one of them.

2. Full identification of the products that generate happiness

Before purchasing or ordering your cosmetics, you should ask yourself: Is this product really beneficial for me? because the happiness generation remains as the recurring reason within the advice offered by Marie Kondo so that you achieve keep a Article. For this reason it is much more important to know what to keep, instead of what to throw away.

product order accumulation

product order accumulation

One of the lessons told in the book “The Magic of Ordering” clearly indicates and explains that most of their clients got modify their behavior by making a drastic change upon checking and discovering that more than half of their cosmetics didn’t work for them at all, creating the conditions ideal to start dispense with of many of them.

3. The importance of doing it vertically

It is important to recognize from the outset that a product right tidy is able to be identified with maximum precision and speed, Marie Kondo’s advice is to offer whenever possible a placement that is vertical and avoid leaving them stored in the closet. Remember that visual power is highly influential in well-being and daily performance, so there is nothing better than exposing them and thus creating an environment where beauty dominates and prevails.

visualize joy organization beauty

visualize joy organization beauty

Accumulation as the beginning of the disaster

With cosmetics, the same situation is maintained as with any other type of product when wanting keep the order of them and is that the organization has a silent enemy to which the author Marie Kondo gives her name and surname: “The accumulation”. A problem that generates disorganization, dirt and therefore negative energies, as well as waste of time and money. The solution? Follow the tips mentioned here and those of the KonMari method and order efficiently your cosmetics not wasting a drop to win in beauty and happiness.

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