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Mexicans ride on inflatable horses imitating the Qatar police

The Mexicans continue to add flavor to the World Cup.

The Mexicans came to Qatar not only to encourage their team during the World Cup, but to add flavor and a lot of atmosphere to the whole fair with their occurrences, one of which has become most viral was when they imitated the mounted police of the Arab country.

Several videos where a group of Mexicans “mounted” on inflatable horses who join the round of the Qatar police have gone viral.

In the midst of the host’s bans, the protagonists of the clips have tried bring out the humorous side of each situation.

Mounted on inflatable horses, the Mexicans proudly wear the national team jersey and their classic mariachi hat, the men escorted a group of mounted police guarding the security of the Qatar 2022 World Cup, the fact caused laughter among those present.

The Mexicans got so involved in their role as guardians of order that in the video you can hear them telling people “Behave well”.

Not just horses, Mexicans also ride camels

The creativity of Mexicans seems to have no limits, in addition to bringing their own horses (inflatable) they also have their camels, they even taught them to dance.

The video of a mounted Mexican an inflatable camel was applauded on the internet, as many say that the pride of these men for their country is incomparable.

in the clip You can see how the Mexican already taught the camel to dance as if it were a traditional Mexican charreria event.

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