Qatar 2022: the most beautiful fans of the World Cup

The Qatar World Cup 2022 It is a celebration that has sold more than 2 million tickets, according to FIFA, and brings together people from all parts of the planet around the same passion. In the first world Cup in the Middle East, thousands of amateurs also joined since last November 20, creating a mosaic of diversity, fraternity and beauty.

They are the most beautiful women of Qatar 2022!

Thanks to the wide diversity of Selections, in the stadiums of Qatar they have seen each other women from all over the world, including fans of Middle East. Despite the historical restrictions on soccer fans, this time we have witnessed a wide opening for them in the stadiums.

Qatari fans at Al Janoub Stadium | Photo: Getty Images

Qatari fan at the opening of the World Cup | Photo: Getty Images

Iranian fans supporting England | Photo: Getty Images

On the other hand, African and Asian countries have also had an outstanding participation in this World Cup. With nations like South Korea, Japan, Morocco, Cameroon Y Tunisiathe most beautiful fans of the two continents have met in Doha and have celebrated equally.

This Cameroonian fan in the game against Switzerland | Photo: Getty Images

Tunisian fan supporting her country against Denmark | Photo: Getty Images

Morocco fan in the game against Croatia | Photo: Getty Images

South Korean fan in Qatar 2022 | Photo: Getty Images

Japanese fan watching the win over Germany | Photo: Getty Images

Mexican fans are also at the World Cup

Like every four years, the mexican amateurs also meet at the world Cup with colorful outfits that include charro hats, typical dresses and makeup that express the richness of the national culture. Qatar 2022 has not been the exception.

Mexican watching Mexico draw against Poland | Photo: Getty Images

Mexican fan with charro hat in Qatar 2022 | Photo: UnoTV

In the same way, the Latin American women have accompanied their National Teams, such as Brazil, Uruguay Y Costa Rica, on a journey to return the world Cup to the American continent for the first time since Korea-Japan 2002, when the “verdeamarela” rose to the top of global soccer.

Uruguay fan against South Korea | Photo: Getty Images

Costa Rican fan watching the 7-0 against Spain | Photo: Getty Images

Brazilian fan watching the debut of the canarinha | Photo: Getty Images

Although it is the European fans who have taken the most joy from the Qatar World Cup 2022 and have taken advantage of the relative proximity of the old continent with the country of Middle East to enjoy, together, the best competition between National Teams.

Spanish fan in Qatar 2022 | Photo: Getty Images

England fan at the World Cup in Qatar 2022 | Photo: Getty Images

Fan from Portugal watching the CR7 record | Photo: Getty Images

The most beautiful fans of the World Cup they have appeared in every game and have worn every colour. They have represented all the cultures that have come together in Qatar and they instill the importance of the union regardless of race, preferences or ethnic origin, something that even the teams and players have demanded in the matches of the world Cup.

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