World Cup 2022: The first 4 Mexicans are arrested in Qatar

World Cup 2022: The first 4 Mexicans are arrested in Qatar
World Cup 2022: The first 4 Mexicans are arrested in Qatar

Thousands of Mexicans savedfor more than four years, your money to travel to Qatar and support the Mexican National Team in all the matches it will hold in this World Cup. Despite several restrictions, the compatriots seek to enjoy, in their own way, the days in Asian lands. Nevertheless, in the last hours it became known the first case of Mexicans arrested for breaking Qatari laws, what did they do?

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Through a statement made by the

was announced that the general director of Consular Protection and Strategic Planning of the SRE, Vanessa Calva Ruiz, attended the case of four Mexicans detained during the match played between Mexico and Poland. According to reports, the Aztecs drank alcohol during the encounteran event that is prohibited in Qatar.

According to various sources, two fans “They came with too many drinks and they staggered”another carried additional tickets that were his property and the last He was carrying a large amount of cashthe problem was compounded by the fact that the security staff did not speak English.

In update, the director asserted: “the 4 cases satisfactorily resolved; We gave timely follow-up and maintained constant communication with authorities and people. Thanks to the consular team for their work, we remain attentive in case they require assistance,” he concluded. With this event, will mexicans stop making jokes of a very high level or will they continue playing with every occurrence they experience during the World Cup?

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