“If you are aggressive with a partner…”

“If you are aggressive with a partner…”
“If you are aggressive with a partner…”

sparks have flown between Esteban Ocon Y Fernando Alonso. Especially in the last races of the season, where they came to touch each other on several occasions. Something that made the Alpine team very angry, which even ‘threatened’ them to get them out of the car.

Now otmar szafnauer, head of the French team, has been very hard on Ocon, who does continue on the team next year. Not Alonso, who will be replaced by Pierre Gasley.

Speaking to ‘Racing News 365’, he talks about how Ocon should improve: “You don’t win in the first round, whether you’re a teammate or not. If you’re aggressive against a rival, both give up and both lose. If you’re aggressive against a teammate and they both quit, guess who loses?”

The relationship between Ocon and Gasly has been highly commented since the rumors of his possible signing began. Their relationship hasn’t been good for years. A subject that Szafnauer has discussed directly with both: “Yes, I have spoken to both of them about it.”

“Hopefully, what they say is true, and I believe it is. I have spoken to both of them, and they both say the same thing. I have spoken more to Esteban than to Pierre, since I know him better. I asked him if this is an opportunity for rekindle their friendship“, says the head of the French team.

“I didn’t ask Pierre the same question, but once they’re friends again or at least work together professionallythat adjustment will not be different from that of other pilots”, reveals Szafnauer.

It is clear that Alpine has been alerted to a possible bad relationship between its pilots. Already in this 2022 its pilots They met on the track… and they hope that this will not happen again from next year. Szafnauer’s warning is more than clear.

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