Hazard harshly criticizes Germany for protest in Qatar 2022Half time

Hazard harshly criticizes Germany for protest in Qatar 2022Half time
Hazard harshly criticizes Germany for protest in Qatar 2022Half time
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Mexico City / 24.11.2022 11:57:00

The Germany national team was on everyone’s lips after his debut in the World Cup Qatar 2022; not only for his historic loss to Japanbut for the protest they carried out. Act that although it has been applauded by the majority, some reproached the action as Eden Hazardplayer and captain of Belgium.

Why did Germany cover its mouth?

The controversy arose with the bracelets that defended the message of “One Love” in favor of LGBT community and that the captains of the UEFA national teams were going to use as Harry Kane, Virgil van Dijk and Manuel Neuer.

Even the German captain went to the TAS to protest against the FIFA banfinally did not, and instead the german team posed in the team photo covering their mouths. “It was not a question of making a political statement: human rights are not negotiable,” reported the German Football Federation (DFB) about the gesture. “That should be taken for granted, but it’s still not the case. That’s why this message is so important to us. Denying us the bracelet is the same as denying us a voice. We stand by our position.”

Eden Hazard against Germany protest

However, the Germany national team protest It was not well received by all. Some spoke out against it, particularly after the defeat of the team he leads Hansi Flick. “Yes, but then they lost. It would have been better not to and win,” Hazard said.

“We are here to play football, I’m not here to send a political message, there are people better placed for that. We want to focus on football,” added the Belgium captain when asked if they were planning to take action.

Hazard He rejected the idea of ​​doing any act off the field that would cause him a reprimand as captain of his team that beat Canada 1-0 on Tuesday.

“I don’t feel comfortable talking about it because I’m here to play football. I didn’t want to start the game with a yellow card, it would have been negative for the team for the rest of the tournament. I wouldn’t,” he said.

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