World Cup 2022 results: Brazil vs Serbia live matchday 1 of the World Cup in Qatar 2022

Qatar 2022 live scores: Brazil 1-0 Serbia


Min 59 | Brazil 0-0 Serbia | STICK AND SAVE SERBIA! Tremendous shot by Alex Sandro that hits Vanja’s right post.

Min 57 | Brazil 0-0 Serbia | Substitution of Serbia: Gudelj and Zivkovic leave and Ilic and Radonjic enter.

Min 55 | Brazil 0-0 Serbia | Neymar tries it with his left foot after a cross from Vini but the ball goes wide.

Min 52 | Brazil 0-0 Serbia | Vinicius makes a great display on the left, crosses but Pavlovic cuts the play through the air. The Canarinha insists.

Min 50 | Brazil 0-0 Serbia | FREE KICK FOR BRAZIL. Neymar charges but the ball hits the Serbian barrier.

Min 49 | Brazil 0-0 Serbia | Another warning for Serbia, Yellow now for Gudelj for a foul against Neymar.

Min 46 | Brazil 0-0 Serbia | Brazil comes out aggressive in this second part. Raphinha misses a chance to score. The one from Barcelona, ​​alone in front of the goalkeeper, shoots low but Vanja puts his body in and avoids the Brazilian goal.

Min 45 | Brazil 0-0 Serbia | START THE SECOND PART!

Dani Alves, a historic Brazilian player, is currently a member of the Pumas of the MX League, so from Qatar, we asked the verdeamarela fans how well they know the Pedregal team. Check HERE their answers.

Min 45 | Brazil 0-0 Serbia | BREAK! Brazil and Serbia go to the locker room after an intense first half in which Scratch do Ouro had greater control of the game and the most dangerous actions. If the approach for the second half continues like this, it is very sure that we will see more than one goal.

Min 45 | Brazil 0-0 Serbia | One minute is added to the first half. First time that so little extra time has been added so far in the World Cup…

min 42 | Brazil 0-0 Serbia | Mladenovic’s reaction arrives but he fails to score a good shot and the danger in the Brazil area vanishes.

Min 41 | Brazil 0-0 Serbia | BREATH SERBIAN! Vinicius had won the race against Milenkovic and took a very awkward shot that went to the side of Vanja’s goal.

Min 40 | Brazil 0-0 Serbia | Good offensive play by Paquetá on the right wing that he centers but does not reach any of his teammates and Serbia clears the ball.

Min 38 | Brazil 0-0 Serbia | We enter the final stretch of the first half, Brazil continues to dominate the game but they fail to finish against Vanja.

min 35 | Brazil 0-0 Serbia | RAPHINHA! The Brazilian player misses out on a clear goal chance after a great service from Paquetá again, but the Barcelona player’s shot was very weak and was left in the hands of the Serbian goalkeeper.

min 33 | Brazil 0-0 Serbia | This is Vanja’s grand outing photo. The goalkeeper does not touch Vini.

min 31 | Brazil 0-0 Serbia | What a heel from Paquetá for Raphina who sends a diagonal that remains in the hands of Vanja.

Min 28 | Brazil 0-0 Serbia | Set pieces for Brazil. Neymar charges and gives way with his right foot to Raphinha, but the cross goes wide.

Min 27 | Brazil 0-0 Serbia | WHAT A GOOD DEPARTURE FROM VANJA! Silva sends an extraordinary service for Vinicius who gets back on track alone in front of the Serbian goalkeeper who comes out and deflects the ball cleanly.

Min 25 | Brazil 0-0 Serbia | Zivkovic makes a great run down the right and ends up crossing, but Alisson comes out in time to avoid danger.

Min 21 | Brazil 0-0 Serbia | Casemiro tries it with a powerful long-distance shot that Vanja stays with.

Min 18 | Brazil 0-0 Serbia | Brazil regains control and plays it on the left wing where Vinicius represents a great danger due to speed and dynamism.

Min 17 | Brazil 0-0 Serbia | Serbia is putting a good face on Brazil. He gets the ball back and they are well on defense.

Min 15 | Brazil 0-0 Serbia | One of the postcards of this first time. Lukic tries to stop Neymar but practically takes his shirt off.

Min 13 | Brazil 0-0 Serbia | Neymar takes the corner and attempts an Olympic goal that Vanja managed to clear.

Min 13 | Brazil 0-0 Serbia | Great individual play by Vini who leaves Zivkovic behind and forces a corner for Brazil.

Min 12 | Brazil 0-0 Serbia | Zivkovic sends a cross into the area that goes straight into the hands of Alisson.

Min 8 | Brazil 0-0 Serbia | Press Serbia. First minutes of the game and there is no clear dominant in the Lusail Stadium.

Min 7 | Brazil 0-0 Serbia | First yellow of the match! Pavlovic fouls Neymar and receives a yellow card.

Min 6 | Brazil 0-0 Serbia | Serbia’s reaction arrives and now it is Tadic who tries it with a cross that also manages to bring out the yellow-green defense.

Min 4 | Brazil 0-0 Serbia | First arrival from Brazil. Raphinha sends a cross that is cut off by the Serbian defense.

min 1 | Brazil 0-0 Serbia | Intense start that already has a couple of fouls.

Min 0 | Brazil 0-0 Serbia | Kick off the game at Lusail Stadium!

This is how Copacabana lives the debut of Brazil in Qatar 2022

Brazil is undoubtedly one of the countries with the most soccer fans and proof of this is the Fan Festival that was put together in Copacabana. Thousands of fans have gathered in the streets to live with great passion the debut of their selection.

Brazil lineup confirmed

We already have the eleven confirmed for the debut of the Canarinha: Alisson; Danilo, Thiago Silva, Marquinhos, Alex Sandro; Raphinha, Casemiro, Paquetá, Vinicius; Richarlison and Neymar.

Confirmed Serbia lineup

This is the lineup that Stojkovic sends to face Brazil: Vanja Milinkovic Savic; Veljkovic, Milenkovic, Pavlovic; Zivkovic, Gudelj, Lukic, Mladenovic; Tadic, Sergej Milinkovic-Savic; Aleksandar Mitrovic.

Neymar also sends a message before his debut

The current star of the Scratch do Ouro, Neymar, has also sent a message before his expected debut in Qatar, with a “may God bless us and protect us”, the PSG player is getting ready for the duel against Serbia.

Pelé sends a message of encouragement to Brazil

The legendary Pelé sent a message of encouragement to the Brazil team ahead of their debut in Qatar 2022. Through social networks, Edson Arantes do Nascimento encouraged his compatriots by posting some photos of his best times with the Canarinha as inspiration for them to win a world title again.

“Today We begin to write a new story. No matter the size and tradition of the opponents: we must respect and play each game with the focus of a final. It is important to play beautifully, yes, but it is also essential to leave everything on the pitch. Today we will be more than 200 million hearts beating as one, vibrating with each achievement of our Seleção”, is part of the message that Pelé posted on the networks.

What time is the Brazil vs Serbia World Cup?

The duel will start at o’clock 1:00 p.m. Central Mexico time.

Where to watch the Brazil vs Serbia match live?

You can follow the duel between Brazil and Serbia on Channel 5 and Azteca 7 on open television, while on pay TV on Sky Sports and Vix+. In addition, at MARCA Claro we will bring you all the details.

Welcome and welcome to the minute by minute of the match between Brazil and Serbia corresponding to day 1 of Group G of Qatar 2022. The day has come to see the debut of Verdeamarela, one of the favorite teams to win the title that for its first test They will have a good rival in the European team that has a great group of players like Vlahovic, Mitrovic, Tadic, Milinkovic-Savic, Jovic, etc. that will surely complicate those of Tite.

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