Thirteen ‘Spanish’, in Argentina’s list for the World Cup

Thirteen ‘Spanish’, in Argentina’s list for the World Cup
Thirteen ‘Spanish’, in Argentina’s list for the World Cup

thirteen representatives of the ASOBAL Plenitude League They appear in the list of nineteen players summoned by the Argentine handball coach Guillermo Milanofor the dispute of world to be held next January in Poland and Sweden, according to the Argentine Confederation.

The REBI Basinranked third in the Liga Plenitude ASOBAL, has three representatives in the list of summoned by Argentina: the central Pablo Simonetthe right side Federico Pizarro and the extreme left Ignacio Pizarro.

Likewise, he will contribute with three players TM Benidormthat this course participates in the European League and that it will be represented by the sides Pablo Vainstein and Santiago Barceloas well as by the extreme right Ramiro Martinez.

The Helvetia Anaitasuna will provide two players: the goalkeeper John Bar and the left side Nicholas Bonanno; the same number of representatives that the Bathco Torrelavegaof which the left side have been summoned Fabrizio Casanova and the extreme right Facundo Cangiani.

They will complete the list of ‘Spanish’ in the call for the side Lucas Aizen (Morrazo Refrigerators)the extreme Francisco Lombardi (Civitas Guadalajara) and the pivot Gonzalo Carroplayer of the Herol Nava Nurseriesset of the Silver Honor Division.

The Argentine team will be concentrated from January 4 in the Alicante town of Benidorm, where it will play the International Tournament of Spain on January 5, 6 and 7, in which the Gladiators will face the teams of Spain, Bahrain and Romania.

The Argentine team, which won the World Cup ticket after finishing second in the South-Central Tournament held last January in Recife (Brazil), will remain in Benidorm until January 10.

One day later, on January 11, and after reducing the list to eighteen players, the Argentine team will leave for the Polish city of Krakow, where they will play the matches of the first phase of the World Cup in Poland and Sweden in which the Milano will face teams from the Netherlands, Norway and Macedonia.

– Call of the Argentine team:

. Goalkeepers: Leonel Maciel (Sporting Lisboa/POR) and Juan Bar (Helvetia Anaitasuna/ESP)

. Full-backs: Federico Pizarro (REBI Cuenca/ESP), Nicolás Bonanno (Helvetia Anaitasuna/ESP), James Parker (Zamalek/EGY), Pablo Vainstein and Santiago Barceló (TM Benidorm/ESP), Lucas Aizen (Frigoríficos del Morrazo/ESP) and Fabrizio Casanova (Bathco Torrelavega/ESP)

. Central defenders: Diego Simonet (Montpellier/FRA), Pablo Simonet (REBI Cuenca/ESP), Pedro Martínez Cami (Ward College)

. Wingers: Ignacio Pizarro (REBI Cuenca/ESP), Ramiro Martínez (TM Benidorm/ESP), Facundo Cangiani (Bathco Torrelavega/ESP) and Francisco Lombardi (Cívitas Guadalajara/ESP)

. Pivots: Lucas Moscariello (Montpellier/FRA), Gonzalo Carró Castro (Viveros Herol Nava/ESP) and Franco Gavidia (TSV 1899 Blaustein/GER). EFE


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