What happened to the Mexican who tried to put alcohol in Qatar in binoculars and was discovered

A Mexican fan tried to sneak alcohol into a stadium but was caught (Screenshot: Alan Estrada/Twitter)

Recently A video of a Mexican fan who tried to bring alcohol into the stadium went viral in which the match between Mexico and Poland was played by means of a canteen in the form of binoculars. The compatriot who attended the Qatar World Cup 2022 tried to manage to infiltrate alcoholic beverages to the premises, however was discovered by security elements of the property in the inspection of belongings.

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The El Tri fan, who was wearing a Mexican National Team shirt and a wig with the colors of the Mexican flag, used a special thermos to pass without attracting attention, but his plan failed when he passed through the pre match review.

Through a video shared on social networks, a Qatari inhabitant was the one who captured the moment in which a policeman tells his partner that said object was not used to seebut used to serve drinks and even opened the cover to show his companion.

Clever way to bring drinks but got blocked by security”, the Qatari wrote in his publication since, as is well knownalcohol is strictly prohibited inside football stadiums. The assistant did not count that the policemen of Stadium 974 would detect the deception and stop him, however, So far it is unknown what happened to him after the incident.

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The situation arose due to alcohol consumption restrictions, since they were not well accepted by fans in Mexico and the rest of the world. This measure is due to the internal cultural policies of Qatarwhich is a muslim countryin whose religion prohibits its consumption for ages and whose traditions must be respected even by visitors.

The clip gave way to different opinions, since later a user of Twitter He shared the mess in Spanish, in which comments with different points of view could be read.

On the one hand, there were opinions that the behavior was not correct of the subject: “If in our country it is normal to celebrate the occurrences of those who believe they are skilled and very intelligent when it comes to cheating, cheating, stealing… what can we expect?”, “Unfortunately there are people who are so physically dependent on alcohol who need it, but it becomes a serious health problem that can even lead to death. I do not defend the one in the video, but there may be people in Qatar with that problem.

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On the other hand, there were those who tried to give it a point in favormentioning that before the opening of the World Cup it had been said that you could drink in the stadiums and days later said agreement was modified: “Qatar said it would allow the sale of beer in soccer stadiums, hours before the inauguration, he said that he would no longer allow it, I think you have a bad approach to reliability”, “So yes, how ingenious he was, but it only denotes the culture of not obeying the rules. Though with Qatar the rules sometimes seem like something out of the 19th century”.

Despite the fact that the consequences did not seem to have gone any further for the fans, the attempt to bring alcohol into a stadium was not well received by the sports community. Twitter.


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