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The New York Yankees show why they are a fearsome rival, despite the drop in their performance in the second part of the season, “The Bronx Mulos” are, along with the Los Angeles Dodgers, the team with more players than add 15 homers or more: six players per ninth.

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The team captained by Mookie Betts and Freddie Freeman is the best in the current MLB season. The Los Angeles ninth has unleashed his power in the National League and no team has been able to overshadow him… A good part of his number of home runs is divided into the following 6 players: Mookie Betts (35), Trea Turner (20) Freddie Freeman (20), Will Smith (22) and Max Muncy (21).

For the New York Yankees, it’s not just Aaron Judge who has flown the fence continuously so far this season, though he’s certainly the home run engine for his team. Among the 6 players who have taken it out 15 or more times in the American League as a whole, there is a Venezuelan: Josh Donaldson (15), Matt Carpenter (15), Gleyber Torres (23), Giancarlo Stanton (27), Anthony Rizzo ( 31) and Aaron Judge (60).

It is clear that the complete return hits are better distributed in the Dodgers, of the 202 home runs that the team adds in all of 2022, Mookie Betts has “only” hit 35, despite being the leading home run of his ninth … While On the Yankees’ side, Judge’s 60 do occupy an important space in the 236 home runs that the New Yorkers have accumulated this season.

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