Kielce, handball Champions match, live and online

Kielce, handball Champions match, live and online
Kielce, handball Champions match, live and online

09/22/2022 at 20:18


Cindric has finally entered the call despite the discomfort in his right leg

Nielsen, Hampus Wanne and Carslbogard debut today in European competition at the Palau

After the victory against Pick Szeged (28-35) in the debut of the season, the Champions land today at the Palau to experience an intense duel between Barça and Kielce. Precisely the reissue of the final for the title last year, which ended with a Barça victory.

A challenge between two of the great favorites and for which the Croatian central Luka Cindric has finally entered the call, despite doubts due to discomfort in his right leg. On the other hand, the meeting will be the European debut before the Barça fans of Emil Nielsen, Hampus Wanne, and Jonathan Carslbogard. The meeting will start at 8:45 p.m. and we will tell you about it live on


For our part, this has been everything. The next day Barça hosts Celje Pivovarna at the Palau, in what will be the second consecutive duel at the Palau Blaugrana. The appointment, next Thursday 29 at 20:45. We will tell you live on


And no more playing! Barça takes a hard-working and very important victory against Kielce. Special mention for the goalkeepers. Emil Nielsen and Gonzalo Pérez de Vargas. The MVP, for Ludovic Fábregas.

An important victory for Barça to face matchday three as co-leader of the group together with Aalborg.



Karalek rushed in, hitting the woodwork and prompting a new attack by Barça. Hampus Wanne scored to put +4 on the scoreboard.



The Croatian has a hot doll! Cindric notes.



And another one from Moryto, for the squad. We entered at the last minute.



Karacic scores from seven meters. Gonzalo Pérez de Vargas laments.



Hampus Wanne! The one against Barça ends. +4 advantage.



Langaro! Breaking Kielce’s defense, winning one on one. But the response from Kielce was quick, and it did not give up. Morito scored.


Gonzalo! Another stop. Very attentive to the goalkeeper from Toledo who kept that ball that Remili threw.

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