Accident in Yucatan: three lose their lives on the Tecoh-Tekit highway

TECOH.- Tragic accident checked in shortly after 3 p.m. Tecoh-Tekit Highway, where three people died and at least one more was injured.

Kilometer 37 of the federal highway, heading to the municipality of Peto, was the scene of the spectacular mishap.

According to witnesses, a double-trailer pipe-type trailer and a Caravan truck were traveling along the road in the same direction, until the heavy unit would have collided with the private unit.

Trailer collides with a van on the Tecoh-Tekit road

According to witnesses, “he practically mounted it”, so the trucker lost control and the double trailer ended up overturning, blocking the road.

Due to the strong impact the truck, with plates from Yucatan YXZ-053D, left the road and remained within the shoulder that divides the lanes of the road. Three people inside were killed, and the driver was injured.

The trailer driver allegedly he fled aboard another trailer that passed by the place.

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