“He was coming on to my daughter’s mother”

“He was coming on to my daughter’s mother”
“He was coming on to my daughter’s mother”

Government spokesperson, Patricia Plajahas considered that the case of the soccer player Daniel Alves, in pretrial detention for alleged rape, “shows that the impunity with which some public figures, people with power, have acted for a long time has ended.” But the certain thing is that the case of the Brazilian has another hard denunciation.

Asked about the case during the press conference after the Executive Council of the GeneralitatPlaja has highlighted the “value” and courage of the victim when it comes to denouncing the case, and has maintained that “fear is changing sides.”

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“The message is very clear, whoever the alleged sexual offender is, sexual violence does not go unpunished. And this is possible because there are laws, there are protocols that protect the victims, and because in this specific case the nightclub where the facts applied appropriately and without hesitation the protocol against harassment and sexual assault in leisure spaces”, the spokesperson highlighted.

In case of alves It is not just that and another series of complaints have been uncovered, which have not been made official, but have been made public.

On the TV show on Spain ‘Save me’ touched on another case that concerns the player, who is in jail today.

Pipi Estradaone of the collaborators of the program, pointed out that alves He sent messages to his daughter’s mother, taking advantage of the fact that they were good friends.

“I was a good friend of Dani Alves until one day I found out that he was sending messages to my daughter’s mother, during the time of ‘Women and men and vice versa’,” he said.

And he added: “It was all very innocent, like insinuations, he was insinuated … One of the things that caught my attention is that he said things like ‘we’ll talk when we can talk’ and he sent Miriam little pink kisses. I never understood the little pink kisses,” said the collaborator.

alves he always denied that the messages existed, although the collaborator knew that he was telling lies.

“Yes. He told me: ‘Daddy, I didn’t do that, someone must have used my phone. Daddy, I didn’t do that to you.’ He denied everything to me, but I saw it. In this story he has also denied it. has gotten into an important brown”, sentenced road.

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