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10 million formal workers in Mexico live in working poverty

An income less than the cost of two basic baskets is insufficient to overcome poverty, since the average size of households in Mexico is 3.6 people with 1.6 income recipients per household.

Therefore, each income recipient has little more than one dependent person under their care, explained Rogelio Gómez Hermosillo, coordinator of Citizen Action Against Poverty.

The analysis details that 53% of the 10 million people are workers of medium and large companies, generally in warehouses, department stores, corporations or consortiums.

“The poverty and job insecurity that is associated solely with informality or underemployment also invades the formal economy to a large extent. The companies with the greatest economic support are also factories of poverty”, refers to the report of Facing Poverty.

This situation occurs practically throughout the national territory, in eight states (a quarter of the country’s entities) insufficient wages affect more than 55% of formal workers (10 points more than the national average: 45%).

It is about Sinaloa, where it affects 62.6%; Guerrero, 61.7%; Oaxaca, 60.9%; Durango, 58.5%; Chiapas, 56.6%; Tlaxcala and Michoacán at 56.2% and Nayarit, at 55.3%

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