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Man beats dog in Yucatan; Neighbors denounce him for harassment and exhibitionism

Man beats dog in Yucatan; Neighbors denounce him for harassment and exhibitionism
Man beats dog in Yucatan; Neighbors denounce him for harassment and exhibitionism

Users of social networks ask that a man who brutally beat a woman be punished with the full weight of the law a puppy in a neighborhood property New San Jose Techin Merida Yucatan.

The subject was recorded when he repeatedly hit the animal with a board, the video was shared by Dey KJ.

In the footage, it can be seen how the little loin cannot escape because it is tied to a metallic protector of the window of the property on 173 street with 68 and 70 of said neighborhood.

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The woman who recorded the images could not intervene due to how aggressive the subject was, who stood from the sidewalk of the house to insult her neighbor. Despite the fact that he was being watched, she continued to attack the little animal, whose howls of pain are heard in the video.

Loin abuser is a stalker and “exhibitionist”

It came to light that this man used to go without clothes, even outside his home and also observed the neighbors from the windows of their houses.

tenderloin was rescued

So far it is not known if someone has already filed the corresponding complaint but hours later in the same networks the rescue of the mistreated animal was reported.
The puppy that suffered animal cruelty from its owner in the San José Tecoh neighborhood, in the south of the city, was treated by a veterinarian.

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Likewise, members of the 4 Patitas Mid association responded to the call of Mrs. Deyanira U., who denounced through social networks that a puppy named “Aron” was mistreated by its owner who is also accused of showing his private parts. to neighbors and girls.

The tenderloin was taken to a veterinarian and was diagnosed with malnutrition and canine Ehrlichiosis due to the tick bite. Fortunately, the members of the association will take care of the tenderloin.

And they thanked the courage of neighbor Deyanira for having denounced the abuse.

In the same way, it was possible to find out that the State Attorney General’s Office is already investigating the attack on that animal and the complaints against the “nudist” man.

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