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“In Mexico it is too noticeable that soccer is business” Halftime

“In Mexico it is too noticeable that soccer is business” Halftime
“In Mexico it is too noticeable that soccer is business” Halftime
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Mexico City / 25.01.2023 14:29:57

Almost 60 days from failure of Gerardo Martino with the Mexican team in it Qatar World Cup 2022the Argentine strategist talked about everything that was his experience in Mexican football and stated that in Mexico soccer is seen as a business above sports.

What did Martino say about Mexican soccer?

“In Mexico, the business is too noticeableI said the same thing: I am not against the business, because we earn money from the business and we live, those of us who participate in soccer could not survive, ”he said in an interview with the program Full Sport In Paraguay.

I like something more equitablethat I have the capacity being a person who The only thing that interests me is football. the ability to accept the business that I don’t know and I don’t know where it’s going, but I understand what it takes to continue growing, but with a balance so as not to leave aside the football part, the growth of the boys, the work of minor divisions. That soccer also have a plan, not just to profit, make money, that the business flourish. That they do not let the part of soccer die because one day the business is going to die, ”he added.

Tata Martino criticized sales of Mexican players in Liga MX

On the other hand, the strategist also took time to criticize Mexican soccer clubs for not letting footballers go to Europe to finish developing and they prefer to sell them within the same league for very high amounts.

“In Mexico something quite particular happens: there are internal sales, from club to club, and the footballer is worth 8 or 10 million dollars. I do not imagine in the Argentine market that a player is worth 8 or 10 million dollars and does not have an international market ”, he pointed out.

“In South America we have it more incorporated, we couldn’t exist without training players and selling them. In Mexico this particularity occurs, very large and solid institutions, which pay a lot of money, there are very important sales but they are footballers who should go out for this amount and They don’t have a European market.. That hurts a bit because everything stays at home and the footballer doesn’t stop growing or training,” he added.

Accept failure in the World Cup in Qatar

On his management in the past world Cup with the Tricolor where they failed to advance from the Group Stage, the Tata Martino accepted that it was a failure for what Mexico had been doing in past World Cups.

“When you get to the third game, which you have to win and tight with the issue of goals, goal difference, yellow cards, because at the time we were 2-0 and Argentina also against Poland, we were left out of the World Cup due to the accumulation of yellow cards regarding Poland. There it became a bit difficult, ”he mentioned.

“Anyway, I understand that it is not the expected result, that it is a failure for us because Mexico came from seven World Cups systematically qualifying for the round of 16 and we have not been able to continue at least with that trend. Also with the satisfaction of having competed well in the group that touched us”.

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