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AMLO thunders before a new march in favor of the INE

AMLO thunders before a new march in favor of the INE
AMLO thunders before a new march in favor of the INE

President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador criticized that his adversaries are organizing a new gear at the request of the National Electoral Institute (INE), which is expected to take place next February, before which he released a “Already chole!“.

In the morning conference at the National Palace, López Obrador asserted that his opponents have already won because the constitutional reform in electoral matters was not achieved in Congress last December, for which a Plan B had to be used.

“Which prevented was a constitutional reform, they were upsetThey prevented a reform so that an election does not cost 25 billion pesos, but half, and the example is here, when we arrived the Presidency spent 3.6 billion pesos and we spent 500 million last year, and did it collapse? The presidency? No,” she stressed.

So, but they won, they kept that budget, the parties too, with a lot of money, instead of 500 deputies we were proposing 300, remove the multi-members, they won because the INE is not touched and there will be 500, they also won because we proposed that there be only one National Institute, not 32 institutes, they won, the INE is not touched, “he said.

“And the only thing that was achieved is that the salary is reduced and that leads them to present a constitutional controversy, nothing, nothing,” he argued.

Social organizations have called for a new march in defense of the INE for the next sunday february 26this to demonstrate against the Plan B for Eectoral Reform proposed by the Government of the Fourth Transformation.

The Mexican president ironized that this new demonstration in defense of the INE is to defend Genaro Garcia Lunaformer Mexican Secretary of Public Security and who is facing trial for drug trafficking in the United States

“They said they were going to have a march, no, they exaggerate. Only that they use that march to defend García Luna because in one of those that is the purpose, but what are they going to defend the INE if they won? The INE does not touch itself, ”he added.

Maybe Claudio (X. González) and the bruises they are thinking that, march to defend García Luna and take now as an excuse that the INE is not touched, Already chole!“, He launched.

“‘Yes, García Luna is innocent, now and we have to defend it, it’s ours,'” López Obrador explained.

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