Mexico registers 30,000 active cases of Covid and 3,000 cases of monkeypox

Mexico registers 30,000 active cases of Covid and 3,000 cases of monkeypox
Mexico registers 30,000 active cases of Covid and 3,000 cases of monkeypox

In Mexico there are 30,033 active cases of Covid-19, and from the week of January 15 to 21, there were 2,150 daily cases on average, according to the Weekly Technical Report of the Ministry of Health (SSa).

The rate of active cases per 100,000 inhabitants, by state, ranks in the first 10 places: Mexico City, Aguascalientes, Colima, Nayarit, Tlaxcala, Querétaro, Baja California Sur, San Luis Potosí, Zacatecas and Nuevo León.

The federal agency also noted that the national daily occupancy of general beds is 7%, and the occupancy of beds with a fan is 3%.

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Regarding the National Vaccination Strategy, coverage is 84% ​​in all population segments. By age groups, it reaches 91% in people over 18 years of age; 64% in adolescents; and 61% in girls and boys from five to 11 years old.

In the winter season, the risk of respiratory infections such as Covid, influenza and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) increases, so it is essential to maintain basic prevention measures, such as the correct placement of face masks and their use in accordance with the provisions of each locality. .

As well as healthy distance, frequent hand washing with soap and water or application of alcohol-gel as many times as necessary and ventilation of spaces, with the purpose of reducing the risk of contagion.

There are 3,768 cases of monkeypox

On the other hand, the SSa reported that as of January 23, 6,280 cases of Mpox (formerly monkeypox) have been identified that meet the operational definition of a probable case, of which 3,768 are confirmed, according to the Report Fortnightly Epidemiological Surveillance Technician.

The epidemic curve continues to decline in the number of infections so far this year, going from 70 to nine probable cases between weeks one and three of 2023, the federal agency said.

“In the last 14 days of surveillance, a total of 121 probable cases and 72 confirmed ones have been identified, so the trend of the epidemic curve in Mexico follows the one that occurs globally with a reduction in the speed of transmission and in the presentation of the number of cases”, he explained.

Likewise, it specified that 14 deaths have been identified (13 men and one woman) of people who during medical care were identified with lesions compatible with Mpox, and that after their laboratory study they were confirmed.

Regarding the distribution by sex assigned at birth, the predominance is 97% in men, and the age group 30 to 34 is the most affected with an incidence rate of 9.69 per 100 thousand inhabitants with 986 of the 3 thousand 768 confirmed cases.

The most common symptoms reported are: rash in all cases, which is identified with a reddish rash on the skin, and more or less extensive; fever; headaches, muscle and joint pain; Swelling of the lymph nodes; general weakness or fatigue that makes it difficult or impossible to perform tasks that you normally perform easily; chills and others.

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The Institute of Epidemiological Diagnosis and Reference (InDRE) reported that the positive cases are distributed in the 32 states: Mexico City, 1,999 infections; Jalisco, 398; State of Mexico, 356; Quintana Roo, 210; Yucatan, 166; Puebla, 68; Nuevo Leon, 66; Veracruz, 59; Tabasco, 56; Chiapas, 50; Lower California, 32; Queretaro, 28; Tamaulipas, 27; Morelos, 25; and Hidalgo, 25.

In addition, Campeche, 23; Guanajuato, 20; Chihuahua, 20; Aguascalientes, 18; Coahuila, 16; Guerrero, 15; Oaxaca, 12; San Luis Potosi, 11; Nayarit, 10; Tlaxcala, 10; Michoacán, eight; Colima, six; Sound, five; Zacatecas, five; Baja California Sur, three and Durango, two.

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