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The countdown @ | Zacatecas in the morning – El Sol de Zacatecas

The countdown @ | Zacatecas in the morning – El Sol de Zacatecas
The countdown @ | Zacatecas in the morning – El Sol de Zacatecas

10. For a change, Zacatecas was the subject in the manner of Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador. It turns out that a reporter asked to the president his opinion about him murder of the four young of colotlan that they disappeared in Tepetongo. The reply of AMLO it was only one: offered that will not go unpunished this case that moved a society already two neighboring states. So be it then and let justice come!

there are enough military

9. By the way, during the same morning, President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said that in Zacatecas there are enough military to attend the insecurity issue that is lived In other words, assured that he status is not checked out Given the recent acts of violence that have occurred in this 2023while saying That is protecting to the population, although acknowledged that civil society suddenly it is affected. He who understood, she understood!

Rest in peace

8. Finished the fourth and last genetic test about him sad case of the 4 young people from Colotlán: it was not necessary to know muchto intuit that Jose Melesio was the fourth victim. The Prosecutor’s Office Francisco Murillo Ruiseco confirm the News at the end of the genetic tests. What follows is that the Prosecutor’s Office finds the masterminds of the tragedysituation that looks pretty complicated. With everything and what AMLO offered it!

It won’t be easy

7. What was said: next Wednesday February 1stThe general Arturo Medina Mayoral will protest as new Secretary of Public Safety (SSP) instead of insufferable the retired general, Adolfo Marin. At this point, who will convert on the new acquisition of the Government already He must know what to achieve pacify zacatecas it won’t be easy. It is understood, that will receive all the support of the Federation what for give results in it medium term. It’s already catching up!

He will arrive with his people

6. It is natural to thinkthat the general Arturo Medina Mayoral will come with some elements of all your trust to give results in a certain time. In other words, it looks very complicatedWho they took care a Adolfo Marin are going to be taken into account. We insist, the general Mayoral Medina will come with a very different style to attend the unsafety who lives in Zacatecas and for that, will require quite a team near. Soon we will know!

Let’s all get our batteries

5 The bishop Sigifredo Noriega Barceló does not lose hope and, in his most recent homily them said to the congregation that unsafety who lives Zacatecas it has a solutionIt’s all a matter of the responsible to attend do your homework, the society do the same and that institutions such as the Catholic Church well also get your batteries. What is striking is that the hierarch of the church calls not to lose faithdespite what we are seeing. So join in!

Prosecutor will have to appear

Four. The brand new deputies of the LXIV State Legislature approved that he Prosecutor Francisco Murillo Ruiseco will have to appear and explain all cases that has pending And although to be frank nothing will happen, popular representatives want know what’s going on. How worried we were!

The minister will be able to defend himself

3. Well nothing, that the Minister Yasmín Esquivel will be able to defend himself in the UNAM before him plagiarism in which incurred. At the end of the day, what it’s happening is prolong the agony and that discredit of the National Autonomous University of Mexico grow.

Waters Claudia!

2. Although he continues to lead in all pollsthe bonds of the head of government of CDMX, Claudia Sheinbaum go down and maybe they don’t want to accept it. The recurring problems in Mexico City you they are hitting hard. well until Adam Augusto Lopez went up in the preferences. AMLO is the one who supports Sheinbaum!

The data:

one. The INEGI confirmed that inflation in the first fortnight January was 7.94%. What I know translate as a increase of 0.46% of the National Consumer Price Index. In Spanish, that everything is still very expensive.

keep it up then

0. Apparent calm.

See you tomorrow.

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