Microsoft suffered a worldwide drop in its services, including Teams and Outlook

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25 January 2023, 09:45 GMT

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This Wednesday did not start well for Micorsoft.

Thousands of users around the world shared all kinds of messages about the inability to access Microsoft services, including Teams and Outlook, for hours.

The news became a number one trend on social media with people wondering about the problems they are experiencing, which in addition to the aforementioned services also seemed to affect Xbox Live and Microsoft 365.

the tech giant informed that it carried out an update to its system which may be linked to the registered inconveniences.

“We continue to monitor the recovery across the service,” Microsoft said, noting that some customers reported that they had already noticed improvements.

Microsoft Teams is used by more than 280 million people around the world, primarily as a core part of businesses and schools, where it is used for calls, meetings, and organization.

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Microsoft’s trouble reminds us of how much we rely on products that we can’t control when they go wrong.

According to Downdetector, a site specializing in detecting problems that arise in the network, service interruptions have been reported in many regions of the world, with thousands of alerts in India and Japan.

Microsoft had originally said that the problem was related to “network configuration issues” and that it was looking into the best way to fix it without affecting other users.

The company also said it was investigating an issue with its cloud service, Azure, that was affecting what it called “a subset of users.”

Many companies rely on products like Azure to power their own services.

global changes

As highlighted by the BBC technology expert Zoe Kleinman, the fact that Microsoft has recognized that it is a problem that arose internally, as a result of a change made by itself, seems to rule out at least a cyber attack.

“And everything indicates that the recovery is underway,” he said.

“But it’s also a reminder how much we trust big tech to help us to run our lives and our businesses with products we can’t control when they go wrong,” he added.

A girl receives her school class through Teams.

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It is estimated that some 280 million people connect through Microsoft Teams in the world.

Tuesday hadn’t been a good day for the company either.

Microsoft reported that its sales only increased by 2% in the last three months of last year, but that its profits were down 12%.

This slowdown in sales means it posted the company’s lowest growth in more than six years.

A week ago the company also announced the layoff of 5% of its workforce, that is, some 10,000 workers.


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