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How much is the dollar worth in Mexico this January 25, 2023?

How much is the dollar worth in Mexico this January 25, 2023?
How much is the dollar worth in Mexico this January 25, 2023?

After the Inegi will reveal the increase in the inflation rate in Mexicoto place it at 7.94 percent, the Mexican peso registers a new loss compared to the price of dollar in the exchange market. According to data from Bloomberg, the national currency is quoted today Wednesday, January 25, 2023 with an average of 19.15 pesos for the different exchange rates, which translates into a depreciation of 0.15 percent in the most important banks.

Through their web portals, the main banks of Mexico published How much does it cost the dollar for this one Wednesday, January 25, 2023. Banorte remains the institution with the lowest cost to purchase and Banco Azteca has the lowest prices to sell; while Santander trades with the highest prices. For its part, the Bank of Mexico (Banxico) reported that it trades with a FIX exchange rate of 18.83 pesos

Price of the dollar in the different exchange rates today, Wednesday, January 25, 2023

  • Affirm: the exchange rate is 17.90 for purchase and 19.30 for sale in Mexico.

  • Azteca Bank: for today Wednesday, January 25, 2023 It is quoted at 18.05 pesos for purchase and 18.99 for sale.

  • Base Bank: the dollar worth 19.81 Mexican pesos in purchase and sale.

  • Banorte: the price of dollar It is 17.69 pesos for purchase and 19.09 for sale.

  • BBVA: the exchange rate is 18.78 pesos for purchase and 19.06 for sale in Mexico.

  • Banamex: it is quoted at 18.23 pesos for purchase, for 19.28 for sale this Wednesday, January 25, 2023.

  • Santander: the price of dollar It is 18.53 to buy, for 21.06 to sell.

  • Scotiabank: the dollar has an exchange rate of 18.43 to buy and a sale of 19.14 pesos in Mexico.

Also, the Official Gazette of the Federation (DOF) and the Tax Administration Service (SAT) published how much the dollar is worth, trading with an average of 18.83 pesos in purchase and sale for this January 25, 2023. The Mexican peso continues its downward streak after the impact of inflation during the January slope, the highest in 20 years, increasing up to 0.46 percent compared to last year’s report.

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