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Government of Oaxaca and Infonavit join efforts to guarantee access to decent housing

Government of Oaxaca and Infonavit join efforts to guarantee access to decent housing
Government of Oaxaca and Infonavit join efforts to guarantee access to decent housing

The Governor of the State, Salomón Jara Cruz, and the Director General of the Institute of the National Housing Fund for Workers (Infonavit), Carlos Martínez Velásquez, signed a framework collaboration agreement, which will allow laying the foundations for developing joint actions in accordance with the national housing policy, in order to encourage workers to have all the facilities to access adequate housing.

The signing of this agreement establishes 10 coordination commitments to promote housing development, construction and self-production programs in favor of the beneficiaries and accredited in Oaxaca.

In this way, the Head of the Executive Branch ratified his commitment to all Oaxacan families to make Oaxaca a better place to live, ensuring that this objective will be established in the State Development Plan 2022-2028, which will seek to address the backlog of 81 thousand homes in the state with beneficiaries.

After making it known that in the past six-year term only 3,250 houses were built, the Oaxacan President assured his beneficiaries that in this new era, in which his administration is aligned with the Government of the Republic, they will seek to build 9,000 homes during his six-year term.

“I hope that this new stage of collaboration contributes to the objective set by the President of the Republic, and together we will be able to carry out actions in support of the Oaxacans who need it most,” he said.

In this sense, Jara Cruz highlighted that as part of this agreement, the feasibility of exempting state rights applicable to the procedures for registration of deeds from the period 1972-2007, real estate property registry searches and certifications of public and/or private deeds will be analyzed. .

He also said, the application of discounts in the payment of rights and/or taxes that allow meeting the objective of the mortgage cancellation strategy and/or fiduciary guarantee will be evaluated; and coordination mechanisms will be implemented for the rescue of abandoned houses that were granted with Infonavit credits.

Likewise, the possibility of granting discounts will be analyzed with respect to the debts of the homes judicially adjudicated in favor of Infonavit, generated by the non-payment of rights in terms of water and drainage; it will seek to increase the supply of land, housing, construction of affordable and popular housing, as well as the self-production of housing; and efforts will be made to offer public servants and members of the police institutions of the State Government, financing options that adjust to their housing needs.

Within this framework, Governor Salomón Jara and the general director of Infonavit, Carlos Martínez Velázquez delivered letters of acceptance to beneficiaries who are part of the Infonavit “Shared Responsibility” program, which allows the conversion of credits from Times Minimum wage to pesos and curb annual increases linked to inflation.

5 thousand Oaxacan families convert VSM credit to pesos: Infonavit

On his occasion, the general director of Infonavit, Carlos Martínez Velázquez, highlighted that the Institute is undergoing a transformation, since it adapts to what people need. In this sense, he celebrated that in Oaxaca more than 5,000 families have converted their credit from Times the Minimum Wage to pesos, with accumulated discounts of more than 613 million pesos. He recalled that there are still 8,000 workers to make this conversion to avoid impacting their finances every year.

He pointed out that Shared Responsibility at the national level “has benefited more than one million people and has managed to reduce balances by 74 billion pesos.” In addition, in a meeting with Oaxacans, he announced that a home improvement loan will be launched for workers who once contributed to social security and today are outside this scheme.

“President López Obrador instructed a change to the law, we did it in coordination with the business sector and the union sector, which make up Infonavit, and today it is a reality so that thousands of Oaxacan families that once contributed, today can use that money with an interest rate of 0% to improve his house”, he added.

This act was attended by the heads of the secretaries of Infrastructure, Communications and Territorial Planning, Nezahualcóyotl Salvatierra López; of Economic Development, Raúl Ruiz Robles; Well-being, Tequio and Inclusion, Laura Estrada Mauro; and from Labor, Edith Araceli Santibáñez Bohórquez, and the Infonavit delegate in Oaxaca, Juan Jacob Pérez Miranda; among others.

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