Herrera, Almada and Ambriz, the finalists of the Tri – Ruben Rodriguez

Herrera, Almada and Ambriz, the finalists of the Tri – Ruben Rodriguez
Herrera, Almada and Ambriz, the finalists of the Tri – Ruben Rodriguez


The next coach of the Mexican soccer team is in the local league. Due to the profile that they demand or are looking for, which was based on a complete and absolute knowledge of Mexican soccer, who knows and communes with the qualities and forms of the Mexican soccer player, with experience in the environment and everything around Mexican soccer, there is no There is no doubt that the candidates they manage and that in the coming days will be clarified, are among Miguel Herrera because of his knowledge and experience in Aztec football, although it should be noted that the Mexican coach knows that he has and it is time to modify some ways of behavior and it seems to me that it is time to break certain threads of work and family issues that have had an impact on problems in his last two schools directed (America Y tigers), since being part of their technical staff has not been the best decision. In addition, he is the ‘rooster’ that the president of the FMF supports for working together at different times.

The next one, and without being the one in fashion, since the results are visible both in Ecuador, as in Torreón and now in Pachuca, is Guillermo Almada, a coach who has proven his worth with immediate results, who empowers his players from day one of training and that his hand is not tempted to bet on youngsters in any circumstance, a lover of daring soccer and an offensive proposal, his teams are dynamic and pleasing to the eye, a main candidate for the Mexican National Team with results and Titles.

Undoubtedly, Ignacio Ambriz joins this pair of strategists, a coach with plenty of experience, he led in Europe, trained there, and in teams like León he strengthened his offensive idea and made a team with its own distinctive offensive stamp. Ambriz has experience, as a player and selected, and fully knows the roots of how the Mexican National Team is managed.

These three candidates are the main ones who will decide who will take the direction of the Mexican National Team in the next three and a half years and that surely next week the white smoke will come out of the FMF.

Steps below there are names like Ricardo Ferretti, Antonio Mohamed and Jaime Lozano, who have left their mark and work in Mexican football, especially the first two, who, in addition to being successful in football, their profile full of experience and quality does not distance them of the first three for the tricolor chair.


Now while the MX League and the entire structure of the entire individual league, as a team and as a product, do not change or restructure your product in a better way, and the way in which you are generating soccer players and the age at which young Mexicans debut or grow, Whether Herrera, Guardiola, Kloop or Almada arrive, the result will be the same, equal to or worse than the last World Cup. The Mexican league, the owners and the teams, have to assume their responsibility in the last failure at the national team level as a consequence of their priority decisions, but above all, in what they have done against the Mexican National Team. The growth structure must be consistent with what a league and team work hand in hand, an example of this is the Expansion League, which far from being a hotbed, has been a cemetery for soccer players.

The use of microcycles for the Tri will be essential since it does not have playoffs, and will the teams be willing to give up players and support the process, without consideration and contemplation?


Much has been said about the advantage that the United States has in the recruitment process for young people for the next World Cup process. Alejandro Zendejas is the main reason for this turning point. The American midfielder is focused on the United States National Team, however, upon his arrival, the first thing he will do is sit down with the sports management of national teams and ratify Mexico’s interest in him playing with this national team. Zendejas has remained in doubt since the last World Cup, where he expected his call, but it did not come, now the idea is to convince him to stay to play with Mexico.


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