How were the first elections held in Mexico?

How were the first elections held in Mexico?
How were the first elections held in Mexico?

The first elections in Mexico were held in October 1824just a few days after the entry into force of the first Federal Constitution of the United Mexican States, as indicated by Ignacio González-Polo’s writings.

According to the document, “How the first president of the United Mexican States took office”, the first elections of Mexico independent were carried out after installing a provisional government made up of three individuals, called “Supreme Executive Power” who exercised his functions from April 1, 1823 to October 10, 1824.

The Supreme Executive Power was initially made up of Pedro Celestino Negrete, Mariano Michelena and Miguel Domínguez. Shortly after, Domínguez was replaced by Nicolás Bravo to finally incorporate Guadalupe Victoriaas well as Vicente Guerrero.

When were the first elections in Mexico?

The “Supreme Executive Power” operated while Congress drafted a federal Constitution for Mexicowhich was enacted on October 4, 1824. Once it entered into force, elections for president and vice president of the United Mexican States were called for the first time on October 10, 1824.

The results of the first elections in Mexicowhich were based on representation proportional to the population, that is, one citizen, one vote for all the male inhabitants, heads of households or owners of the country, were the following:

  • President of the Republic – Head of State and Government, elected for a period of four years (1825-1829), without the possibility of immediate re-election: Guadalupe Victoria.
  • Vice President of the Republic. Constitutional substitute for the president, elected for the same period as the second most voted candidate for the office of president: Nicolás Bravo.
  • 38 senators. Members of the upper house of the General Congress, two elected by absolute majority by the local congresses of each state for a period, for the only occasion, of four years, which formed from January 1, 1825 the First Constitutional Congress.

How long did the first president of Mexico last in power?

José Miguel Ramón Adaucto Fernández y Félix, better known as Guadalupe Victoria, He was the first president of Mexico and took possession in the National Palace on October 10, 1824. According to Ignacio González-Poloat the time “Victoria, on her knees, like Bravo, addressed the Assembly upon taking office, and expressed”:

You are witnesses of the feelings that animate me in your respectable presence; The oath that my lips pronounce today will always be repeated before God, before men and posterity […] I will not omit to remind the benevolent consideration of all my compatriots that the ship of State has to navigate a stormy and difficult sea. […] Dangers are not lacking, complicated are the circumstances and only the power of the Regulator of destinations, the science and foresight of the representatives of the people will lead this ship to the port of happiness.

Guadalupe Victoria

The period for which you were elected Guadalupe Victoria ran from October 10, 1824 to April 1, 1829, when he handed over power to Vicente Guerrero, his successor.

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