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01/24/2023 | Chicxulub Town, Yucatan

Within the framework of International Education Day, the head of Segey, Liborio Vidal Aguilar, announced that in the first half of February, all public schools in the municipalities of Ixil and Chicxulub Pueblo will have internet service, which They will add to the 895 schools that already enjoy this benefit.

The progress of the actions to provide this technological tool to educational buildings in Yucatan can be consulted at the link where the points served are displayed on an interactive map.

The announcement took place during the work tour to meet with the educational communities of Mocochá, Ixil and Chicxulub Pueblo, in order to listen and attend to their needs, as well as to inform about the initiatives of the state government that will positively impact the groups schoolchildren. In the same way, sports equipment was delivered, the “Improve your Secu” Kits, with basic supplies for institutions at this level and copies of the state tree planting strategy “One child, one tree”.

Vidal Aguilar explained that the installation of the internet service will be during the first half of February and will benefit five Ixil schools and five from Chicxulub Pueblo, ranging from Preschool to High School.

The head of the Segey was accompanied by the first mayor of Mocochá, Pablo Alejandro Cutz Domínguez; the mayoress of Ixil, Sandra Raquel Pech Chí and the president of Chicxulub Pueblo, Amílcar Reyes Marín, who endorsed their commitment to work in a coordinated manner to improve educational services.

During the tour, the recognitions and medals of “Distinguished Yucatecan” were delivered, Daniel Eduvijes Cituk Chan, María del Socorro Chan Góngora and Guadalupe Grajales Martín de Mocochá; Florencio Poot Ek, Alicia Verónica Orilla Canul and Rafael Emilio Aguilar Miguel from Ixil and Argel Aguilar Flores and José Pablo Couoh Navarro from Chicxulub, Pueblo.

The deputy president of the Education, Science and Technology Commission of the State Congress, José Crescencio Gutiérrez González; the general director of Basic Education, Linda Basto Ávila; the director of Secondary, Brenda Ruz Durán; the Primary Director, Adlemy Arjona Crespo; the director of Preschool, Patricia López Castillo; the director of Educational Development and Regional Management, Leonel Escalante Aguilar; the director of Regional Services, Marisela Arceo Vivas, the general coordinator of Information and Communication Technologies, Gilberto Burgos de Santiago, educational, municipal and school authorities, as well as teachers and students.

Editing: Laura Espejo

The article is in Spanish

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