Twitter faces lawsuits for not paying rent in London and the United States

Twitter faces lawsuits for not paying rent in London and the United States
Twitter faces lawsuits for not paying rent in London and the United States

Despite looking for new methods to drastically reduce the costs of Twitterthe billionaire and owner of the site, Elon Musknow faces a series of lawsuits for non-payment of rent in London and San Francisco.

According to California courts, one of the lawsuits is for a debt to the headquarters. The owner of the building, SRI Nine Market Square LLCassured that the payment oscillates between 3 and 4 million dollars only in the month of December, in addition to a similar payment for the month of January.

The claim was filed with the San Francisco Superior Court. National media emphasize that the landlord had to use Twitter’s letter of credit to cover the arrears, however, the company still has to 3.16 million dollarsin addition to other damages.

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Meanwhile, in the UK, the commercial property portfolio Crown Estatewhose history in the monarchy dates back to 1066, began a lawsuit against Twitter for the rent owed in its London offices, although there is no more information about this non-payment.

It is known that the headquarters of Twitter in said city is located near Piccadilly Circus, a complex called Air W1 and belongs to the British royal family; in addition, the Crown Estate is one of the largest landowners in the United Kingdom and its properties in London, in addition to the royal domain of Windsor and the seabed of England, Welsh and North Ireland, they represent values ​​of more than £15 billion.


After reaching the management of the company, which he bought for 44 billion dollars, Elon Musk has faced various ills and consequencesamong them, beat the Guinness record after becoming the person who has lost the most wealth in history, with an unfortunate drop in 182 billion dollars.

Likewise, he is pointed out for a securities fraud in his other company, Teslafor which he has already testified.

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