“El Neto” escaped from the Chihuahua prison, the “heartless” boss of Los Mexicles is back on the streets

“El Neto” escaped from the Chihuahua prison, the “heartless” boss of Los Mexicles is back on the streets
“El Neto” escaped from the Chihuahua prison, the “heartless” boss of Los Mexicles is back on the streets

Thanks to the attack by an armed commando on the State Center for Social Reintegration (Cereso) No. 3 of Juarez City, Chihuahuatwo high-ranking figures from The Mexicles They obtained their freedom early.

Ernesto Alfredo Pinon de la Cruz, the net, faced a sentence of more than 200 years for the crimes of kidnapping and homicide. He was arrested in 2009 and admitted to the Ciudad Juárez prison, from which his companions rescued him on January 1.

According to the first reports, the attack on the prison occurred around seven in the morning.. A group of heavily armed individuals arrived at the scene aboard armored vehicles and fired at the security officers.

The command took advantage of the visiting hours in the prison to unleash panic among the families that visited their inmates. In this way, 24 inmates managed to get confused among the people and escape.

The balance of this aggression was 17 people dead and at least 10 inmates injured by firearms. —Six of them were treated at Cereso, while the other four had to be transferred to a hospital. In addition to this, the authorities reported the arrest of five suspected criminals.

However, among those who escaped is El Netowhom the ex-governor javier corral I consider “the toughest and heartless drug trafficker” from The Mexicles.

Of the total number of deceased, ten were security and custody officers, while four were persons deprived of liberty (ppl).

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Who is ‘The Net’

Ernesto Pinon de la Cruz He started in criminal life at a very young age. Newspaper reports identified him as the leader of a gang in Ciudad Juárez dedicated to kidnapping since 2007, when he was just 18 years old.

He became the leader of the Los Mexicles Special Forces group, the armed wing of the Sinaloa cartelreplacing its predecessor, Jesus Eduardo Soto RodriguezEl Lalo, who was taken to the Federal Center for Social Readaptation (Cefereso) number 15, located in Villa Comaltitlán, Chiapas, in February 2020.

Before El Neto was sentenced to 224 years in prison in 2010, an attempt had already been made to free him from Cereso No. 3 in Cd. Juárez. However, because he was injured during the riot, his escape could not take place.

Local authorities linked him to at least 30 abductions and he was also convicted of the crime of homicide.

The criminal leader who returned to the streets on January 1 is the one who was allegedly behind the wave of violence that flooded the border city in August 2022.

According to reports from Milenio, El Neto would have ordered the execution of violent acts in the city to prevent his transfer to a federal prison.

The bloody day of that August 11 ended the lives of 11 people and left at least 20 injured, since in addition to the attacks in the streets of the city, there was a confrontation inside the prison. Members of Los Mexicles assaulted members of the Los Chapos cell, sparking a fatal brawl. Everything, apparently, at the instruction of Piñón de la Cruz.

This event was considered as an evident sign that the Mexicles had concluded their alliance with the Sinaloa cartel and, instead, they would have joined forces with the gang of The Aztecs (or Barrio Azteca), emerged as armed support for the Juarez cartel.

In addition to El Neto, the version was spread that in the escape on January 1 of Cereso No. 3 in Ciudad Juárez he would also have escaped Cesar Vega Munozalias the chilinwho serves as the main subordinate of Piñón de la Cruz within Los Mexicles.

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