New millionaire loan fraud in Jalisco

New millionaire loan fraud in Jalisco
New millionaire loan fraud in Jalisco

History repeats itself, confidence and getting a little more money made them believe the wrong people. A new case of multi-million dollar fraud by a financial company called “Creso” comes to light.

The managers of the company disappeared with the money

The modus operandi was simple.

“You as an investor put the money in and gave you a four percent investment, what they said was to lend money and they charged debtors 7% and they gave you as an investor 4%; they received cash, cars, dollars and practically all kinds of goods so that they could make a profit.” mentioned Gerardo Ornelas, affected.

On November 30, there were no deposits to investors and that alarmed them.

They began to look for them in the offices and telephone numbers but it seemed that the earth had swallowed them.

They entered a web page and in their names it appeared that they had taken flights to the USA.

“One is Juan Pablo Michelena Najar, his wife Betsy Montaño, another is Memo Padilla and their entire family is involved because they all sign promissory notes, they gave you a contract in which they promised you a percentage of what you put in and they signed you a contract with a promissory note in his name.” commented the affected.

Gerardo, one of the more than 600 affected, had been admitted for three months, invested 800 thousand pesos, there were contracts of up to 50 million pesos.

Today he is desperate, anguished and with considerable uncertainty to find out how he will be able to recover his patrimony.

“We are all desperate and anxious and more because of the dates, many people are going to have a bitter Christmas because their savings are gone,” added Gerardo.

Those affected have already filed complaints with the Jalisco Prosecutor’s Office, add up to more than 40.

Others are coming together to make a collective complaint and to proceed with a commercial lawsuit.

In the farm marked with the number 2205 of Mar Mojo street in the Country Club neighborhood of the municipality of Guadalajara where the Creso company carried out all its operations.

The Jalisco Prosecutor’s Office reported through the social communication area that they have no record of any complaint.

It might interest you: Miguel Ángel Félix Gallardo has a twitter account from the Puente Grande prison

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