They execute a man in Suchiate

  • Armed subjects shot the now deceased while he was having dinner

Darinel González / Chiapas Daily Correspondent

Suchiate, Chiapas.- A person was murdered in cold blood in the San José neighborhood.
Regarding this bloody event, it was learned that around 8:30 p.m. last Saturday, they reported an attack with a firearm on 1st Avenida Norte between 9th and 11th Calle Oriente, in an establishment selling quesadillas.
At the time that the deceased today was having dinner, two subjects arrived and shot him in the back and then fled, presumably aboard a motorcycle.

The deceased today responded to the name of Antonio Corona Rodríguez, alias “El ojitos”, 37 years old, who apparently had 8 impacts from a 9-mm caliber firearm and was wearing a blue shirt, brown pants, and black sandals and black cap.

A woman was found in the place, who said she was the wife of the deceased, claimed to not know the reason why her husband was murdered in that way. Consequently, personnel from the Expert Services carried out the corresponding procedures and finally ordered the removal of the body to be transferred to the Semefo of the Álvaro Obregón ejido, municipality of Tapachula.

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