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Photographic exhibition ‘The colors of childhood’

Photographic exhibition ‘The colors of childhood’
Photographic exhibition ‘The colors of childhood’
  • Five images captured by Chiapas photographers will be exhibited at the Jaime Sabines Cultural Center in this city until January

Lucía Trejo / Chiapas Daily Correspondent

Tuxtla Gutierrez, Chiapas. – The exhibition ‘The Colors of Childhood’ reflects the work of those who document childhood from their expressions of pain, sadness, astonishment, but also from joy.
It is made up of five printed images that were captured by city photographers, but also by photojournalists from national and international agencies.
The photographer for El Universal, Arturo Mijangos Moreno, explained that the selection of his photos was a complex process because after spending several years covering the migrant drama in Tapachula, Chiapas, there are several stories that his lens has captured.
For eight months, in 2021, Mijangos Moreno documented the migrant caravans on the Chiapas coast, made up of foreigners who pass through Mexico looking for better living conditions.
She decided to choose the photo of a girl who was part of a migrant caravan that was going through Pijijiapan, in Chiapas, because she was amazed when they were given food as gifts.
“What I am looking for in this photo is to show the innocence and soul of a child, without filters, I am looking to peek into the future,” explained the photographer whose images have been published in the national agencies Cuarto Oscuro, Notimex, and the international agency , Xinhua .
Emilio Marín, from the Cultural Sospó collective, was the one who organized this exhibition at the cultural center, and whose images will be on display until January.

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