They boast progress in eradicating violence against women

Three years after the declaration of Violence Against Women Alert on the Mexico City There are important achievements, say the authorities.

The foregoing, although in recent months there have been femicides such as that of Lydia Gabriela Y ariadna fernandawhich have shown that the problem is still latent.

In addition, specialists point out that the femicide occurred are a sign that the strategy must be modified and that the root problem, the sexismhas not been attacked.

The achievements

the boss of Government of Mexico City, Claudia Sheinbaumhighlighted yesterday during the presentation of the report three years after the implementation of the alert, that the measure has worked.

“Crimes have gone down. And crimes against women have decreased, due to coordinated inter-institutional work, but, above all, due to a decision of the attorney general of Justice of Mexico City to apply a policy of zero impunity against all crimes, but in particular crimes against women,” he said.

The local president pointed out that it has been possible to carry out a comprehensive policy of prevention, care, awareness, which is not only aimed at women but also at men. mens.

“That a woman who sits violated for any type of violence, can approach the authority and can have the support. And at the same time, the zero impunitythat any crime that is committed, it is known that they will not go free, that they will not go unpunished, ”he declared.

Regarding the achievements, the Attorney General of Justice of the capital, Ernestina Godoymentioned that during 2022 there is a 31 percent decrease in femicide compared to 2019.

“What places us as the sixth national entity with the highest decrease of violent deaths of women; I want to highlight that these results are the product of the coordinated inter-institutional effort, my recognition and gratitude to the Secretariat of Citizen Security and the Judiciary, and obviously to their owners, for their commitment to the women of the City”, indicated the capital prosecutor.

Godoy also detailed that from January to October 2019, 163 femicide caseswhile in the same period of 2022, a total of 111.

“Like in no other part of the country, each case in which a woman loses her life in a violent context is investigated under the femicide protocol”

Ernestina GodoyAttorney General of Justice of the CDMX

Likewise, he explained that an unprecedented increase has been achieved in the detention Y presentation of aggressors before the judges, 42 percent more between January and October of this 2022 compared to the same period of 2019.

“That is, this year we have achieved the link to process of 81 people charged with femicide,” he stated.

Godoy also explained that they have achieved successful investigations in 70 percent of the cases of femicide that have occurred this year.

“In the most serious crimes, we have achieved a greater increase in our results: the increase in arrest warrants served in the period from January to October between 2019 and 2022, there has been an increase of 675 percent in cases of attempted femicide; in 195 percent in femicide; 79 percent more in violation; 47 percent in family violence, and 43 percent in cases of intentional homicide,” he mentioned.

State without assuming responsibility in deaths of women due to femicides

The State has not assumed the responsibility of protecting women and, an example of this, are the recent femicides that have occurred in Mexico City, says Nelly Lara ChavezPhD in Political Science and academic at the Center for Gender Research and Study (BLIND) of the UNAM.

An example of this, he points out, is the case of ariadna fernandaa young woman who was murdered at the beginning of November and whose body was abandoned in the Mexico-Cuernavaca Highway in Morelos.

At first, the Attorney General of Justice Morelense pointed out that his death was caused by a bronchial aspiration due to alcoholic ingestion. However, the capital’s Prosecutor’s Office affirmed that the death was due to multiple injuries and it was a femicide, which led to a political and legal confrontation between both entities.

“Two entities face each other over who has to deliver justice, when in reality it is the Federation that must guarantee the lives of women,” he declares. Lara Chavez.

Also, he comments that in reality the underlying problem is the “patriarchy” that puts men above women, which generates a deep gender inequality between men and women.

“In the patriarchy, women are replaceable and expendable,” she says.

Similarly, affirms the specialist, from the State and its public politics policies are created that reinforce gender roles.

“Economic programs for women are financial support, that they just give them and that’s it. When it comes to policies for job training, it turns out that they are for women to learn to put nails or styling, which reinforces gender roles ”, she comments.

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